People I love, part 5

Sian, me, Peter, Summer 1999

They could have been the first people I wrote about in this series.

I love this pair to pieces. They have known me for 24ish and 22ish years apiece.

I miss them both oodles and want them to come visit their aged sis soon. Please?

They have both, truly, made me the girl I am today.

Yep, it’s the lovely Midimus and Minimus, my awesome siblings!

Me and a very wee Peter, Spring 1987

Today I’ve been going through lots of old photos as I make a ‘timeline’ to show my class (they’ve made their own for History…I figured it only fair I made one too!).

Sian and her fiancé Chris, 2009

And as I wandered through the family album, I looked through the many good times and bad times and awkward times (hello, teenagehood!) we’ve had together, and not for the first time I felt inordinately blessed to have siblings as wonderful as mine.

Sian and I, Summer 1985

Sian is my opposite and my ally, all rolled into one. Decisive, clever, outdoorsy, stubborn, beautiful, creative, and always always always true to herself. She can always make me laugh too, whether it’s her notes about the dogs, or her Daniels impression, or just being her awesome self. She’s a riot. I am so proud of all she has achieved on her own terms, and I’m so glad she’s found the man of her dreams.

Who’s goofier than us? I honestly don’t know!

Peter is likewise a kindred spirit, and a total mystery. Peter is funny, clever, generous, witty, personable, driven and such a joy to talk to (it’s been too long, sir!). I’m so proud of him for getting to uni, and I love hearing all about his adventures whilst he’s there. He is such a great guy, and I wish such brilliant things for him!

Sian, me, Peter, 1990 (I think!)

I like to think of my siblings as better versions of me I guess – these two awesome people I get to call my brother and sister. And, because I’m the eldest, I also get to wind them up all the time too 🙂 (they get their revenge too, don’t worry!).

Me and Sian, 1999

Even though we’re far apart just now and all busy with our own lives, I feel so blessed to have Sian and Peter in my life. I love you guys so much & I am so proud of you! If you ever need me, I will be right here. You guys are amazing, and your big (or in Peter’s case, big big) sister thinks you are ace.

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  1. Christielli
    10th February 2010 / 9:22 pm

    I like your siblings too, and all of the retro pictures. That's what my blog needs! More retro pics!

  2. Riot Kitty
    10th February 2010 / 10:36 pm

    Such cute pictures! I adore my sibs to pieces, too.

  3. Miss Ash
    11th February 2010 / 1:36 am

    Aww such a sweet post, love the old photos too!!

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