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It’s definitely, in my mind at least, time for winter to pass on and spring to arrive. I know, I know, we’ve still got a ways to go, but on golden afternoons where the grey is banished by late afternoon sunlight and the temperature moves up to a point where you can be outside for more than five minutes and still feel your feet, a girl can dream, right?

I like the winter (much rather be too cold than too hot, adore big cosy dinners, own many scarves and sweaters), but this one has felt, and has been, especially harsh. Maybe it’s living in London for the first time for the whole season. As romantic as London can be in the winter (at times the Christmas lights of a couple of months ago called to mind stills from Love, Actually), I’m ready to return to the busier, greener days.

The days are lengthening though, which is lovely. Last Thursday as I went to meet my friend Eileen to go ice skating (she’s super good! I am atrocious! But at least I did it :)) I left school at the earliest time I have in over a month – 4.30. And as I walked down the street I had the weirdest sensation (on top of the slight guilt/glee at not staying late again to get stuff done). It took me a good few steps to work out that what was weird was that I was leaving school….and the sky was still light!

So going ice skating pings another thing off the list, as does last months pancakes (mmmmm, pancakes). Lou and I are currently planning golf adventures, and Mr Bennett has signed on to climb Scafell Pike with me in May…

Speaking of Bennetts, I sat next to a very smartly dressed guy on the Tube this morning. Who was reading ‘Pride & Prejudice’. I thought that was so cool!

Well, enough of my rambling. As ever, there is much to be doing, but I do love a good blog break! Now, onto adapting the story of Zacchaeus, emailing my form, reading up on haiku and making some cat tails….

I *heart* my job! 🙂

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  1. rawbean
    9th February 2010 / 3:41 pm

    Is it really cold there in the winter? For some reason I thought it was similar to Vancouver which is pretty mild. Hope the cold leaves quickly!

  2. Sparkling Red
    9th February 2010 / 7:23 pm

    Yesterday I left work at 5:30 pm and the sun hadn't fully set yet! Wheeeee! Spring is coming! 🙂

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