Singalong Sunday, 25th July

Ah, Sundays. Ah, singalong Sundays. It’s been too long…

For those of you who’ve not read / heard one before, it’s pretty much just a normal post, but I let you know what I’m listening to….

1. There is a Light – Great Lake Swimmers

Oh my, I love this song. Just so beautiful and pretty. I’d never heard of GLS before I became friends with the awesomeness that is Christy, but now I just adore them. Really pretty, well-written songs.

So I am typing here in a flat which is almost there (for real this time!), just a few runs to the recycling bin, a package or two to arrive, and a quick switcheroo of some things (now we’ve been here for a fortnight, we know what we want where and what doesn’t work as well!) and then we’re done – I’ll start posting pics soon. I really like our little flat – it’s great being in the thick of things but also having a little space which is just for us. We’ve had a few guests already and I can’t wait to welcome more people over the coming months.

2. Urgency – Tilly and the Wall (Youtube didn’t have a link to the song ‘Urgency’, so instead I’m linking to their appearance on Sesame Street!)

As we settle, we’re sorting – we threw out a lot of stuff during the move and in the months leading up to it, but there’s always more, right? One thing I am going through is the boxes and boxes (and boxes!) of letters and cards which I have, stretching back over several years. I’ve decided to go through and actually save the precious stuff – not just every single card! As much as I’d love to keep them all, there is not enough space. Potentially in the world. So instead I am sifting through and saving letters from my gaggle of correspondents and cards with really sweet persoanl things in…not just “everything”.

I’m getting there with the decluttering, but I’m still a bit of a pack rat at times!

3. Serve the servants – Nirvana (warning – loud link!)

Going through everything is quite lovely though, and the contents of the boxes are making me a little misty eyed at times. Letters from Jane and Naomi and Shona and Laura and Christy and Hannah and Amber and Siobhán and both the Emily-lovelies and several others, cards from students with adorable poems and messages in, the little notes from Matthew from now and then, thank you notes which touch the heart and little letters reminding me of things I’d long forgotten. I like to be reminded just how blessed I am from time to time.

4. Addicted – Kelly Clarkson

If you asked Matthew what my current addiction was at the moment, he’s probably give two answers. John Lewis (always!) and the gym. I am really getting into working out and am trying some new classes in amongst it. It’s keeping me busy (and slightly exhausted – I’ve all but collapsed on the sofa at the end of the day a few times this week. It’s a good kind of tired though – I fell out of the loop on the exercise front, so it feels good to be back in a groove.

Not sure my triceps would concur with the whole ‘feeling good’ thing, however!

5. White Horse – Taylor Swift

Swifty! Oh man, I love Taylor Swift (perhaps a little too much for a woman who’s about to turn 30, but hey, it’s allowed). I really wish she’d been around when I was a teen – her brand of poppy country would have been *perfect* for my many episodes of teenage angst! I also love that whenever she pops up on my player I’m reminded of Shona – and also reminds me that I need to write to her, soon.

I love writing letters, and am finally starting to hit a decent level on that too….but of course now I have a backlog to contest with. Ay me….

6. Cast No Shadow – Oasis

7. Still – Macy Gray

8. Win Your Love For Me – Sam Cooke

9. We’re From Barcelona – I’m From Barcelona

Oh, this song makes me happy. And kind of makes me want a tambourine also…

Apologies for the quick break there – Matthew just called to let me know he was heading home so I wanted to go sort a few things for our supper, so those songs were playing while I stirred and set and sorted. And slipped over once while dancing.

So we’re now well into my summer break, and oddly I’ve barely been into school. I usually go in a lot during the first two weeks, but because of the move that hasn’t happened. So I will be in four days next week and four days to week after that to sort and make sure everything is looking dandy.

10. Chains – Tina Arena

Power ballad ahoy! I’d completely forgotten this song…I may have to do it when next I kareoke. Delightfully over the top!

So that’s the shape of things here – busy but relaxed, lots of hanging out with friends mixed with a little housewife-esque behaviour (I really love having time to be a homemaker! :-)). Lots of reading, and a few more books on their way from Amazon as we speak….

Good times!

How are you all doing, my lovelies?

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  1. Riot Kitty
    25th July 2010 / 8:27 pm

    Silly me, I have only heard the Oasis and Nirvana songs…

  2. Christielli
    26th July 2010 / 2:31 pm

    I'm so glad that I got you into GLS. They are lovely!Oooh, I'm so excited to see pics of the new flat! I'm also glad that you are pretty much settled in. Nothing feels better than that.

  3. Miss Ash
    30th July 2010 / 1:48 am

    I must say you have a very eclectic taste in music!!

  4. Ily
    30th July 2010 / 1:51 am

    Hey, it's good to catch up with you again. What books are you reading from Amazon?? I'm starting the second in the Millenium Trilogy by Larsson, the one after The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I can't get enough of these books!Enjoy playing homemaker and have yourself a great weekend in your home sweet home!!

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