Welcome to the Badger Sett (Part 2 – sitting room and bathroom)

Part 2 (of three)….today we shall be taking in the sitting room and our tiny cosy bathroom.

Sitting Room

As well as being where we watch TV, read and hang out with friends, the sitting room is also home to our two goldfish, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy. Living in a flat we were kind of limited in what pets we could have… I love this little sign which a former pupil made for me!

Our fish in their pimped out tank.

At this point they were going slightly crackers – they are such good value! Whenever someone comes up to the tank they try to “talk” to them and swish about like crazy things.

(A badger in every room….) This is Bobbity. When we’d been together for about half a year, I headed up to see the folks for a week. As you’d expect, I wanted to get Matthew a gift. I found Bobbity in a local garden centre and figured he was perfect! He now lives in the living room and surveys all around him (and is part of many an in-joke between Matthew and I).

This is Jockey Bear. He’s going to be thirty this year! He loves to chill out on the sofa, on one of the beds, or on Matthew’s nightstand. He’s a cool bear.

I saw these white letters and really liked them, and then I found the ampersand at the V&A. When I have a free day I’m going to do something crafty with these, but for now they just make me smile!

You may recognise these from the table setting photos! Matthew doesn’t like cut flowers, so I try to find other pieces to dot around the flat. The pebbles here are all taken from beaches close to my hometown in Scotland.

We love penguins too!

I posted this plant (a gift from Siobhán and her Matthew) because I’m so pleased it’s still alive…I have a pretty poor record with plants, as much as I like them!

Another pretty – the first time I put pot pourri anywhere in the last house the boys were utterly confused by it…. I love blues and browns together, so there’s a lot of that throughout our home.

My sewing box and my reading books. Matthew’s computer lives in the sitting room, so often he will play on there and I will read or sew. It’s really nice to relax together.

When we moved in we had no idea what to do with this TV cabinet….our flatscreen is too wide for it. So…..

…we turned it into a drinks cabinet! It’s growing slowly but steadily and is always fun when we have guests!


(A badger in every room) One of my pupils made this, and now the badger lives happily in our bathroom.

There are also many ducks in our bathroom. Glow in the dark ducks.

Little wooden handmade ducks.

Ducks which you only see reflected in the mirror (the shelf is too high to see straight on!).

And ducks and creatures all through our cabinet. I like our bathroom, it makes me smile! At the old place we had a giant, badly designed bathroom, prone to mould and with a scary creaky floor – our new little one filled with ducks is so much better!

Bedrooms soon – hope you’re enjoying the tour!

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  1. Shan
    1st August 2010 / 1:13 pm

    I'm enjoying the tour! I love the added touches you have in the sitting room. I can't have fresh flowers in the apartment because of my allergies so I like to find cool things to put around the place.

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