Girl time!

I’ve not blogged much this week, mainly because I’ve been quite busy (and as I was away the weeks before, I hadn’t scheduled many posts either!). Last Sunday was a baby shower for my lovely friend Cheryl (the first shower I’ve *ever* been to – they aren’t that big over here). Then my beautiful friend Amber came over from Sweden to see me (Peachy-girl, it was awesome to catch up. We are oh-so-excited to come see you next year if you are not on field season!). And then I headed back into school to start prepping for the new school year (as ever, I am super excited to dive back in. And as ever you are all welcome to mock me when I post oooh, about halfway through next month about how shattered I am!).

The theme for the shower was ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. So cute! Here the caterpillar is attacking my delicious cupcake 🙂

Said cupcake, made by my hugely talented friend Hannah. I ate SO much sugar at the shower (I think that’s a rule, right?).

The gorgeous mummy-to-be!

Mmmmm, savoury foods. Loved this stand!

More gifts for the lovely little one. I cannot wait till we discover what ‘flavour’ the baby will be…I’m itching to buy cute boy or girl things! I bought a book and toys for this shower.

The beautiful Eileen, tucking into her patriotic cupcake!

Two pretties having a giggle!

I loved this – as well as lots of games, we also filled in little forms for the baby and the parents to read. Such a beautiful idea! This is my work in progress. Chez’s sister Sarah arranged the shower and it was absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much for including me, ladies, and all the very best for the arrival of the wee one!

Check out my beautiful shower gift! Sarah made this – isn’t she talented! I must start pestering her to put some more things up on her webpage – her stuff would make an ideal gift!

On Sunday evening, this beautiful girl arrived to see me!

Love you, Amber!

We chatted and visited and walked and shopped and watched a tonne of chickflicks and bad TV. I love how we just jump straight back in where we left off, whether we’ve been apart two years or two hours!
We also went to Westminster Abbey. Which cost £15 pounds??? I was scandalised. And you couldn’t take pictures. So I just snapped a photo of the exorbitant price instead…

On Tuesday Amber flew home…

…and now we are firmly into the ‘tidying and organising’ phase of back to school. This was my classroom at its worst point…I will get there but I always like to get everything sorted and cleaned well ahead of classes! I’ll be working through next week, then it’s meeting days, and then? The boys are back!

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  1. running42k
    28th August 2010 / 8:06 pm

    Of course eating lethal amounts of sugar is allowed.The food looks great.

  2. Riot Kitty
    28th August 2010 / 9:00 pm

    I definitely don't get enough girl time! That bracelet is beautiful, and the cupcakes look yummy.

  3. Natalia
    29th August 2010 / 1:33 am

    I love all of the cute little caterpillars 🙂

  4. Boonie S
    29th August 2010 / 4:00 am

    What’s a baby shower?Love the sarnies.Great post. Excellent photos. Thanks for this.All the best, Boonie

  5. Christielli
    30th August 2010 / 2:00 am

    What a cute theme for a shower!!!Seriously though, I can't believe that was your first shower. If I had a dime for every shower I've gone to… Heck, I think I've thrown two myself! Good luck getting your classroom ready!

  6. Wiwille
    30th August 2010 / 3:03 pm

    15 pounds doesn't seem much for Westminister Abbey. Although that's probably like 87 in American dollars. Still I'd pay it, because I've always wanted to see it.I just now realized you have comment moderation enabled. Does that mean I can't say things like boobies?

  7. Amber
    31st August 2010 / 3:27 am

    Of course you can say boobies. It's a baby shower post. Babies like boobies! And I LOVE that bracelet!

  8. Lesli
    31st August 2010 / 4:58 am

    What a fun shower, love the theme, everything was so pretty! Oh and that bracelet is gorgeous.. where can I get one?? Your friend is very talented.. have a great week!

  9. Jess
    31st August 2010 / 8:13 pm

    I love the shower game! It looks like you had a great time!

  10. Miss Ash
    2nd September 2010 / 12:31 am

    I can't believe that was your first shower….wow!!!! I've been to them, thrown them….I want to throw myself one now a single ladies shower LOL!PS cupcakes look yummy!

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