Singalong Sunday, 5th September

Good morning, lovelies!

1. Show Me Heaven – Maria McKee

(ah, so we start with some vintage cheese…. Love this song – much more than the movie it comes from!)

So it’s Sunday – the last day of my official summer holidays. Well, maybe that should be ‘official’ as I’ve been in for a week organising, planning, tidying, doing displays and at one point lovingly taking old labels off my desks with white spirit and a wallpaper scraper, but nonetheless, there are no more weekdays where I can choose when I wake up and what time to go in for a good long while.

2. Face (Her) – Newton Faulkner

(this is a quirky wee track, but I’m a sucker for a guitar!).

3. Time To Pretend – MGMT

(one of the tracks that reminds me so much of driving around the country in my wee Jessika-car (may she rest in peace). Awesome times.)

So yes, it’s the end of summer. There’s more of a bite to the air and I have that ‘back to school’ feeling in my veins. This morning I am up bright and early (for reals – as I type it is 6.55 a.m.) and enjoying NW London at its very quietest. Most of the time all you can hear is hustle and bustle, but at this time on a Sunday it’s fairly still, the last of the sunrise filtering in through the windows of my ‘Claire-lair’, the occasional car passing. It’s a rare moment of peace in a busy, busy place.

4. Chicken Pox – I’m From Barcelona

(I need to hear more of this band. The album I do have I love – good, quirky indie pop).

I’m excited about the new year, but apprehensive as all get out also. I am so looking forward to meeting my new form and my new classes, and to getting back into teaching lessons and having a ball with the gang. I’m nervous too though – the first half-term is so tough, with all the getting-to-know-you and boundary setting and fact finding, I know it will be a bit of a slog to October 22nd! But it’s always worth it.

5. So Much More – Beth Orton

(it seems my media player has gathered it’s early on a Sunday morning – it’s all a bit chilled and indie now (after the MGMT and the power ballad!))

Tomorrow and Tuesday we have two days of meetings, which I always find tricky. I find it hard to concentrate for hours and hours on end, so two days full of meetings are a bit of a trial. They are useful, and it’s good to have access to so much information right off the bat, but I do struggle with all the sitting and listening. I guess I’m just more of a doer – after an hour I’ve taken notes, am fired up, and want to go do something! Ah well, I always learn something and I do appreciate how necessary it is to meet and train as a school….I just know I will get such an attack of the wriggle-bottoms after hour 4 or 5 tomorrow! This makes me ever more grateful I chose going into teaching over going into law, though – those guys have meeting after meeting. I’d be a bit rubbish!

6. Le Voyage de Penelope – Air

(Moon Safari is just a stand out album. I did a meme on facebook the other day and it made my top 15 ‘stop in your tracks’ albums. Just sublime.)

The two days of meetings has many advantages, and it does mean that by Wednesday I will be oh-so-eager to actually get into a classroom and actually teach! Which is lucky, because Wednesday will be a day and a half – boys to settle, parents to greet, old students to catch up with… It’s always a fun day, but I’ll be pretty much catatonic by the end of the day!

7. Things We Said Today – The Beatles

(enough said)

I’m looking forward to hitting lessons, though. I’m heading a little further up the school to teach some Year 6 history in addition to my Year 4 and 5 teaching, which will be challenging and fun, I’m sure. I’ve been mugging up on my Henrys!

8. Saturday Superhouse – Biffy Clyro

(and with this track, my player wakes up. Fear not, I am listening through headphones – I don’t think my neighbours would appreciate pumping Biffy at 10 past 7 on a Sunday!)

I’m excited to try some new things in my teaching. I’m continuing my Year 4 scheme of silent reading – ten-fifteen minutes a day to actually read and enjoy it. Sometimes we do ‘ERIC’ (everyone reading in the classroom), where I will read at the same time as the boys – I think it’s good for them to see an adult enjoying books, and has prompted some great discussion with the boys. I’m also bringing back storytime – again, just ten minutes a day. Yes, I’m going to go old school and actually read to my students – we’re going to be enjoying ‘Five Children and It’ first!

9. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys


I’m excited to get to know my students, and to see if the lessons I’ve planned work well. I’ve planned almost all of my stuff – now I just need to get started on making / sourcing / re-finding resources. And actually teaching the lessons!

10. The Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You – Tilly and the Wall

(I really want to go see TATW again. I hope they do a UK tour again soon!)

So that’s me. Up early, excited and nervous about the new term, and enjoying a moment of peace in this busy, busy city.

Have a great week, lovelies!

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  1. Shan
    5th September 2010 / 11:34 am

    I love that you read at the same time as the kids. I think we drill the importance of reading into children so much without them actually seeing adults read! I remember my teachers always doing work while we read, it's great that you're showing your students it's important to put things aside and just read sometimes.

  2. Boonie S
    5th September 2010 / 2:29 pm

    I love the way that you use the titles as a soundtrack to your current situation. Very creative. I might have to poach this idea….All the best, Boonie

  3. Sparkling Red
    5th September 2010 / 4:25 pm

    Good luck with Back-To-School! I miss being a part of that excitement/nervousness that comes with the adventure of a brand new school year. Enjoy!

  4. Riot Kitty
    5th September 2010 / 6:38 pm

    This is really sad on my part, but I only know of the Beatles and Beach Boys songs!

  5. Ami
    6th September 2010 / 2:10 pm

    "ERIC" is a great name. I call it "DEAR" (Drop Everything and Read) in my classroom. 🙂 And, I too, love that you read to your students. That was one of my favorite times as a student and I love doing that with my students as well. Hoping that you're enduring the meetings well; they're always the longest days. Enjoy the start of the year!

  6. Anonymous
    29th October 2010 / 2:45 am

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