TOMY: 1997

Hanson – Mmmbop

Up until this post, I like to think my music choices have been fairly good, quite credible. A splash of cheesey dance and RnB, but for the most part quite solid. And then we hit 1997. And Hanson.

Confession time…the 16 year old me *loved* Hanson. Especially Isaac. There may have been fan letters (or rather, a fan letter, non plural). And a pilgrimage to a Radio 1 roadshow far, far away to watch them live. And even now, all these years on, the sound of ‘Mmmbop’ can still make me smile….

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  1. Siobhan
    21st November 2010 / 2:08 pm

    This is an entirely credible choice as it is one of the greatest pop songs. It's in my top 50. And I am a music snob.If I remember rightly Scott (who is a bigger music snob at time) rates it highly too. So it is made of WIN. Like you. x

  2. Shan
    21st November 2010 / 8:32 pm

    How could anyone not like this song? It was everywhere. And even the biggest musical snobs will start singing along if you put this song on now! No one can hide from it.

  3. Miss Ash
    22nd November 2010 / 3:39 am

    I just saw tickets on sale for a Hanson show!! I was like HUH? I had no idea they were still around!

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