Christmas busy-ness

The week before Christmas is always full of bits and bobs – dropping off gifts, planning menus, shopping for food, sending the last few cards, catching up with friends. I’m also trying to shake the chesty cough I’ve had since the weekend – the cold has gone (praise heaven), but the eleven hour journey home on Sunday combined with some waiting around in the cold has meant that I’m still feeling a little wheezy here and there. Nothing major, but it’s slowing me up a little.

Yesternight we had a few friends over for Christmas drinks and it was great fun. I really like to have people over, and we had a happy handful join us for mulled wine and snacks and chat (and really, really awful Christmas music). It was so lovely to see Ben, Cheryl, Kate, Jason, Elliot, Dan and Brigitte, and little Miss Evey, who will be enjoying her first Christmas this weekend! Evey is *such* a poppet – I had a lovely snuggle with her. Yay for babies!

Today is a day of tidying and internetting and reading. I’m halfway through Andre Agassi’s ‘Open’ and it’s really compelling stuff. I love my new Kindle and am sure I’ll spend far too much on new books for it in the months to come. I also had a few regular books on my Christmas list, so January is shaping up to be a month of walking (as Moonwalk training begins in earnest!) and reading (soup, blanket, book = bliss).

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve, all!

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PS Thank you for the sweet messages after the last post. Sam was an awesome kitteh and will be much missed.

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