Project Life Tuesday: April 11th – April 17th

Once again, it’s time for Project Life Tuesday!

Monday, April 11th: Such a fun evening! Jamie Lynn and I have been online friends for years, and have swapped many a mix CD over the Atlantic, but this was the first time I ever got to meet her face to face! Matthew and I went for dinner and drinks with Jamie and her husband Scott – great chat, good food and plenty of laughter. Genius.

Tuesday, April 12th: I had to go for another 6 mile walk….and Matthew came with me! This was an especial treat as he had been due to go north on Tuesday morning, but elected to have another day at home before heading off. We went for a yomp around Hampstead Heath – this was the view from Parliament Hill.

Wednesday, April 13th: Hannah is one of my dearest friends from Aberdeen (the others beings Shona and Amber – I am so blessed to have picked up a duo or trio or so of good friends from each era of my life 🙂 and whenever we get together the chat is top class. We had a lunch that started at one and finished at….past eight. It involved lunch, coffee, wine, snacks, and more coffee and by the end we had thoroughly caught up, told tales, shared secrets, laughed far too much, and booked flights to Amsterdam for a visit over the summer (ah, iPhones). A good day!

Thursday, April 14th: Thursday was a day of walking and working. This pic is of the beautiful quilt that Hannah made for me as a birthday gift, which she had just finished and given to me. Isn’t it lovely? She’s so talented!

Friday, April 15th: I went for lunch with my beautiful friend Emma, but we were far too busy chatting and talking weddings (hers!) to remember to take a snap! As for the rest of the day, this pic kind of sums it up. Book, bed, snack, tea, sunshine streaming through the window. Lovely!

LinkSaturday, April 16th: The Moonwalk training kicked up another notch. I caught the train down to Teddington and walked 17 miles back towards town – passing through Kingston, Richmond, Kew and beyond. The people of Kew are really friendly – on that section of the river loads of people said hello and greeted me as I passed. Reminded me of home.

Sunday, April 17th: Mainly involved me collapsed in a heap recovering from the 17 mile walk! So no photo.

Once again I’ve linked up with Jessica‘s ‘Project Life Tuesdays’.

Have a great day!

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  1. Christielli
    19th April 2011 / 11:06 am

    Wow! So much fun! I'm glad that you are using your holidays to their full potential!

  2. Miss Ash
    20th April 2011 / 2:21 am

    Love the photo with the book and the tea! Perfect afternoon!

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