Project Life Tuesday: April 4th – April 10th

Monday, April 4th: The first day of Easter break proper. Where I spent a good deal of time trying to fix my iPhone after a total software meltdown….what a way to start the holiday! Nevermind, at least I had these beautiful flowers to cheer me up – a gift from one of my students.

Tuesday, April 5th: Girldate with Eileen – dinner and a movie. The cinema close to us brings wine and cupcakes to your seat. Your seat which is a laz-ee-boy style chair. The Odeon just can’t compare anymore, ha!

Wednesday, April 6th: I decided as I was on break I should actually, y’know, do some tidying around the house! I was proud to final get our bookshelves under control, but kind of terrified when I realised I now have 64 books to read…and that’s just in the house!

Thursday, April 7th: I went for a big 12-mile walk around London. Green Park looked beautiful in the sunshine, but alas, I had walking to do!

Friday, April 8th: I journeyed out of town to visit lovely Cheryl and beautiful Evey! Such a fun day of ice lollies, sunshine and catching up!

Saturday, April 9th: I had such a fun day! Matthew and I went to Kate and Jason’s for a BBQ (above is Kate with her special cheese and wiiiine), then I headed off solo to go to Kaz’s birthday party. She choose a children’s party theme, which was ace and brilliantly hosted by sweet Vixie. I won the musical statues!

Sunday, April 10th: Was all about Roller Derby! Kate, Jason, Rory, Eileen, Matthew and I all headed down to the ExCel to a big skate event called ‘Anarchy In The UK’. Really fun, and it was awesome to see my friend Jamie skate too (she was over for the festivities from Pittsburgh). Good day!

As ever, I’m linking up with Jessica‘s ‘Project Life Tuesdays’.

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  1. Christielli
    13th April 2011 / 12:13 am

    You have definitely been having a fun-filled holiday!

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