5 Minutes: Wonder

Linking up as is traditional with the beautiful Lisa-Jo.

5 minutes. Just 5 minutes.

This week, the topic is…..wonder.


I think I’m lucky, because my world is full of wonder.

I’m naturally an optimist, a joy seeker, a blessing counter, a dance-like-no-ones-watching kind of girl, and I love to see the little bits of magic that we can see in the everyday.

I’m also lucky enough to spend a good deal of my time with eight and nine year olds, and heaven knows, they are great at finding wonder. It’s not a pile of old boxes, it’s material for building. It’s not rain, it’s preparation for puddle jumping. The cakes aren’t squished, they are different!

I love that about teaching.

Sometimes I have to stop and wonder at the wonder and beauty and grace and joy that I’m lucky/blessed enough to live amongst. Yes, there are bad things, but if you’d told me five, ten, fifteen years ago, I would never have believed that I’d be this stable, this happy, this grateful. Those seasons were hard, full of sadness, loneliness, anger. There were some bad people involved, a lot of abusive talk and negative situations and self-hatred that makes me wince when I think of it, like spilling vinegar on a cut still healing. as I’ve grown (and dare I say, improved?), I’ve been able to see the wonder all around me.

Wonder is waking up to another day.

Wonder is safety in the arms of my love.

Wonder is looking in the mirror and not hating. Sure, I’d make improvements, but I can also see the good – the wrinkles from smiling too much, the wide grin, the big eyes, the mad hair that’s just so me.

Wonder is forgiveness, both given and received.

Wonder is the blessings that crowd my life, and the ability to see them – the stolen moments, the love, the joy, the sparrow in the park, the special cupcake, the stick man drawing, the “my teacher rules” heard in the corridor.

Wonder is a future unknown but looked forward to.

I think that life is full of wonder. That’s what makes it wonderful.


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  1. Christielli
    24th June 2011 / 11:26 am

    I love the line "the cake is not squashed, it's different!"Great post. I think these five minute Fridays bring out some wonderfully writing from you!

  2. Wiwille
    24th June 2011 / 4:07 pm

    Wonder Woman outfits make me happy.

  3. Riot Kitty
    25th June 2011 / 1:46 am

    Aww! I am sure, like the rest of us, that you have had very trying times, but you are a relentless optimist – I so admire that you see everything as half full.

  4. ileana
    26th June 2011 / 8:07 pm

    Love your 5 minutes of wonder! I feel like joining you on the next topic…but then I already have Paint Party Fridays and I have "The Artist's Way" going on as well. Maybe I'll be a rebel and do it on a Saturday. ;)I love the mad hair part. So fun!!

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