Five Minute Friday: Still

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What a day to think of this. On a day that so far has involved running around like a headless chicken, and just after pressing ‘publish post’ will involve running around some more, things into bags, shoes onto feet, binbags thrown into the bin, then racing down to the tube, to the train, to the north. Another wedding (congratulations, Emma and Stuart!) claims our attention.

London is not really a place with much stillness.

Our life is often not a place where being still is a priority.

Flash forward ten days and I’ll be back in a place where there is so much still, it often feels to my system like running from a steam room to jump into an icy plunge pool.

The shock is immense.

And then, soon, you acclimatise.

As I will to a week at home.

Well, not my home, not anymore, but my family home. The one where I don’t help to run the house, pay the bills, choose the furniture. The one where I’m a daughter and a sister first and foremost. Still.

I think the break will do me good, and the stillness will be as sweet as the fellowship I’ll share with friends and family, I’m sure.

Scotland, I’mma coming.


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