The comfy, the cosy, the hellaciously busy….


Apologies for the random gap -the start of the school year hit me with as much ferocity as ever, and I found much of my time last week spent shepherding eight-year-old boys hither and thither, which we all know is somewhat akin to shepherding cats!

It’s good to be back to school, but the ocean of paperwork feels daunting, and I will be very pleased when we reach October and I feel more in my stride. It’s so energetic, this teaching of little folk, and I find that early nights and quiet reading are often calling my name.

The new gang of badgers are nice, so far, but there are definite corners to sand down and manners to check (very fond of talking over others / not listening to instructions. But they are very good at please and thank yous…swings and roundabouts, no ;)).

Start of term means the start of other things too…choirs are beginning, I’m a prospective new member at the Junior League, and I am adamant about getting to the gym or the pool several times a week (need to get healthy, yo).

It’s exhausting.

The weekend was divine though…drinks with colleagues Friday, lunch with Shona and mooching around Camden on Saturday, then a quiet day at home with Matthew (with lots of planning!) on Sunday. I love comfy cosy weekends!

So hi, and hello there. How are you guys?

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  1. Wiwille
    13th September 2011 / 1:59 pm

    No child should be left without good swing manners.

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