A lovely long weekend and a happy half-term

Oh my.

I feel human again!

The first half-term of the year is great fun and full of adventures, but always feels like a bit of a slog too! Long hours, new pupils, new schedules & responsibilities, nights drawing in…and it’s seven weeks long. There was definitely at least one point last week where both my students and I had clearly had enough and I couldn’t have told you who was going to be first to wobble.

Hurrah for half-term.

The weekend started well with a few beers with colleagues in our local. One thing I really love about our school is the social aspect – everyone is busy and has a life outside of school, but we also hang out a lot together. We had some pints, and then I headed home to watch lots of Big Love and eat fish and chips. Yes.

Saturday was a day of chilling, reading, and generally being a lazy bum. There may have been napping involved. I then headed across NW to a dinner party at my friend Emer’s. Gorgeous food, lashings of wine, fun people. It was great to catch up in a lowkey way.

Sunday dawned sunny and fresh, so I went for a little bimble around our corner of NW before grabbing a latte. I *love* Sundays when there’s no work on the Monday immediately afterwards! I then went to meet Rory and Eileen at Escapade to finalise our Halloween costumes. Eileen and I have decided to go as hipsters, which may be why I’m typing this wearing the hipster glasses that just arrived in the mail. We grabbed a Belgo and then I headed home to watch Downton Abbey and await the return of Matthew!

Yesterday was another gorgeous day so Matthew and I headed out. Originally we were going to visit the zoo, but after taking in the hour long queue full of children, we opted for a different plan. Matthew is infinitely patient (see the wearing of hipster glasses around the house for evidence), but crowds are not his favourite. Especially crowds of kids! So instead we went for a lovely walk across Primrose Hill and Regents’ Park, popped into John Lewis to play with the iMacs (drrrooooooollll!) and look at the Christmas store, then had a few beers/coffees together. It’s so nice to have time to hang out. After that I waved him off and headed down to Guiseppe’s, near London Bridge to have a girly dinner with the divine Miss Ems. Italian food, soooo much great chat, and an Elvis impersonator added up to a delicious evening!

And now it’s Tuesday as the week passes by apace. Today holds a hair appointment, a catch up with the lovely Vic, Christmas shopping and a JLL meeting. Tomorrow is work and gym, then a sleepover with Hannah. Thursday is more work (it comes to us all!) and cocktails with Bejay. Friday is a little more work, then the JLL Halloween party with Eileen and lots of the lovely Junior League ladies. Saturday is recovering from said party then lunch with Vixie and Kaz, then a very chilled evening, before a Sunday of work and prep and dinner with Rory, Matthew and Eileen to wrap up a wonderful break.

Love it.

I hope your weeks are proving just as fun, my lovelies!

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  1. Riot Kitty
    26th October 2011 / 2:57 am

    That sounds wonderful. Italian food and Elvis! How does it get better than that?

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