30 Days of thankfulness: Things I like Thursday

1. Discovering new skills. Turns out I’m not terrible at bartending!

2. Visits to/from family. Matthew’s parents’ were in town last weekend and we head up to see my folks before the month is through.

3. Planning new lessons and really feeling that my boys are enjoying them.

4. Having a Starbucks on my route to work.

5. Countdown to the Christmas tree – I can’t wait to put Dave the tree back up!

6. Thanksgiving dinner approacheth too….bring on the sweet potato with marshmallows.

7. Lovely supportive friends who are always ready to back my latest madcap scheme!

8. Upcoming girldates!

9. A kind boyfriend who has pizza waiting for you after a long and tiring day!

10. Sleepy cuddles.

What do you like, lovelies?

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