Cough. Splutter. Bleurgh.

You guys.

I have not been a well badger recently. A cold became a cough became a chest infection, and then this weekend I managed to pick up some gastroenteritis too. It’s been real, is the best I can say.

Matthew has been an utter gem, providing soup and cuddles and crackers and not shuddering when I have to run to the bathroom again / start a giant coughing fit / don’t have the energy to walk across our fairly small flat. Thank you, badger!

The hardest thing has been three days off of school this week, in addition to two over the last fortnight. I don’t usually take more than a day a term off… I guess the good thing (if there can be a good thing!) about the gastroenteritis is that it forced me to get home and stay home and rest. There was no way I was passing that on to my little guys! Monday was shocking – I went in for my 7.30 start and made it as far as my 8.50 class, where my body decided that my decaf coffee was far too much to deal with and I had to bolt out of Year 6 History. Sorry 6R – your presentations were grand but my tummy was not up to it.

So home, then doctors, then 48 hours of not being able to eat or drink anything bar water, and then by this time last night I was feeling a little better. And now I’ve been clear of the gastro for 24 hours so I can go in tomorrow (the chest infection still lingers, but is more manageable, I hope). But it’s going to be hard – I usually go at things full pelt and there’s a tonne of work to get done and caught up on. I must remember to give myself a break from time to time!

Thank you to all of you who’ve texted, facebooked and helped out.

Right, a cup of tea and Cougar Town beckon: my next post will be much more Christmassy, promise!

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  1. Riot Kitty
    8th December 2011 / 12:28 am

    Poor Claire! I hope you are feeling up to snuff very soon.

  2. Patrick
    9th December 2011 / 12:11 pm

    Hi Claire,I hope you're feeling better soon! I'd like to discuss your excellent blog in a proffessional capacity if possible, would you be able to pop me an email? It's 'my name' at thanks!Patrick

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