Back to it…

So here we are, the first Saturday evening of the new term.

And I am sat here soaking my feet and watching ‘Saturday Night 80s Disco’ on VH1. I really am one cool cat ;).

Actually, it’s nice to have a break. The start of term is always a little frantic, and the social side is kicking off too as we return from the Christmas crazy, so believe me a veg session is pretty delicious.

It’s nice to be back to school, and even nicer to be feeling energised and more like me. Little boys feed off the energy you project, I find, so when I was feeling ill and low and exhausted they became harder to teach (or maybe it just felt that way)…now I am feeling more on it their energy has picked up too! Huzzah!

The rest of this weekend has been lovely so far – yesterday evening after taking down the tree (bye, Dave! See you in November!) I headed round to the lovely Eileen’s for dinner and a movie (Bad Teacher, which was OK…not great, but had a few chucklesome moments) and a good old catch-up. Girl has been busy.

This morning I got to hang out with Matthew and his dad, who came all the way down to London to see us. It was grand to catch up. Then Matthew and I grabbed lunch before he headed north to Manchester and I bimbled off to meet Payal. She and I had a fun and random afternoon and the rest of today since I got home at 7 has been hyper chilled. Fabulous.

Tomorrow promises swimming, aquafit, a movie with Siobhan, marking, reading, and a possible quest for bagels. Bring it on!

How is/was your weekend, lovelies?

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