Things I Like Thursday

1. Listening to classical music with my class. Spotify is an absolute godsend for this – so much great music a few clicks away!

2. Graze boxes arriving in my pigeonhole twice weekly with healthy/healthier snacks to chow down on – seeds and fruits and veggies, oh my!

3. Zumba – I went to my first class yesterday and it was deliciously bonkers! Any class where the guy signs off his emails as ‘Patrick the dantertainer’ was always going to be ripe for banter!

4. Using Pinterest to plan some new home decor. Ooooooh, shiny!

5. Visiting home and catching up with so many folk – it was delicious to touch base with so many fine folk!

6. Mini Cathedral City cheddar cheese portions. So silly, yet so satisfying!

7. Chatting about weddings with Eileen and Siobhán – their big days are bound to be splendid!

8. Learning to time my life a little better…slowly but surely….

9. My friends announcing some very happy news. Roll on July!

10. Feeling inspired….I adore the lovely Kelle Hampton and her fantastic blog ‘Enjoying The Small Things‘. She has such a unique and lovely way with words and pictures. She is also a super-mama to two precious little girls, the younger of whom, Nella, has Down’s Syndrome. Nella turns two in a matter of days and Kelle is hoping to help the National Down’s Syndrome Society to raise a whopping $200,000 to help celebrate. She made the adorable video below to raise awareness and spread the word. If you’d like to donate, please click here.

What’s rocking your socks this week? If you’d like to link up below I’d love to read your lists!

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  1. Scarlet
    19th January 2012 / 6:36 pm

    A zumba class (at least ONE!) is on my bucket list for this year. I like that yours was deliciously bonkers! I wonder what kind of dantertainer I'll have. :)That video is so touching and beautifully put together. I must check out your blog buddies' site soon!Feeling inspired now, too!!

  2. Miss Ash
    20th January 2012 / 1:51 am

    I'm really looking forward to trying Zumba! I just have to wait until June (knee surgery)before I can twist and turn and salsa LOL!

  3. Riot Kitty
    20th January 2012 / 5:32 am

    I submitted my link, which has a shoutout to you, btw. 🙂 Speaking of cheddar, my next post is going to be about cheese. Really!

  4. Siobhan
    20th January 2012 / 11:33 am

    Excellent stuff (and thanks for the name check!)

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