Nursery Food

January always feels like a long hard month at times, and despite the many delicious moments this month has brought (visits, girldates, some great work from my class and the discovery of the best red velvet cake in London), at times the January slump has hit hard. And now February, its partner in crime, has rolled in….

Short days, cold weather, back to work, Christmas done, everyone trying to keep up with their new year’s resolutions….there’s really only one known cure, a three part prescription, if you will.

1. Good company
2. Early nights
3. Nursery food

Now, fear not gentle reader, I do not mean I’ve been subsisting on a diet of jarred food and rusks. Instead I refer to the joy of the ‘nursery tea’. Plain, simple, yummy food – the kind that mummy/granny used to make you when you were wee.

Dishes liked boiled egg and soldiers. Heinz tomato soup with cheese on toast. Fish fingers and beans. Scrambled eggs on toast.

When you come in late from a long work day and a rainy commute home, greeted by a dark flat and a pile of marking, a nursery tea is totally in order. Cheap to buy ingredients for, quick to make, and fairly small, these meals conjure up nostalgia and are an ideal meal for one (so great for when Matthew has late meetings or social engagements).

Vive la nursery tea!

I’m interested too….what was your favourite meal as a child?

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  1. Samantha
    4th February 2012 / 11:58 am

    We used to have sardines in tomato sauce (from a tin) as part of our tea on a Saturday and I'm still partial on occasion 🙂 xx

  2. RAoKGirl
    4th February 2012 / 4:44 pm

    Well, we never had 'tea' but we did have afternoon snacks. One of my favorites was peanut butter on saltine crackers with a glass of milk. Also, corndogs. The weirdest thing I had as a kid was a piece of bread with butter and ketchup on it. I've not tried it in a REALLY long time…not sure if I'd still like it now. But I remember loving it as an afternoon/evening snack when I was a child.

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