101 Reasons I Love Being a Teacher

I often say how much I love my job. I know I’m blessed enough to have a career I adore and a vocation which keeps me invested, interested and driven, and I am so lucky to work at a school I really believe in, with kids who make me giggle on pretty much a daily basis (as well as making me hugely proud of their work, progress, and conduct). So I set myself a little challenge…could I think of 101 separate reasons why I loved being a teacher, off the top of my head? Well, I thought I could at least try!

1. I get to spend my days with some of the funniest, most caring, and interesting people on the planet.

2. The little portraits and pictures and things the boys make for me.

3. I’m constantly learning, whether it’s about history, English, or which Pokemon I would most need in a fight.

4. Roald Dahl.

5. Laughter.

6. Classical music on spotify to help us concentrate.

7. Always having time for an impromptu poem or song.

8. Fizz, pop, BANG!

9. Being part of something bigger.

10. Harry Potter.

11. Feeling needed.

12. Teaching good manners and consideration, as well as comprehension and long division.

13. Having to be brave and energetic.

14. Listening, and hearing a very different worldview.

15. A chance to perform.

16. The sheer cuteness of Reception when they trot past in their tiny uniforms!

17. Being kept on my toes.

18. Making displays which are helpful (and colourful).

19. The unexpected!

20. The little notes my boys write me. Adorable and heartwarming.

21. Going the extra mile.

22. Blue skies through the skylight and sunshine making us all feel happy!

23. Our away days each summer – reminds me of going away when I was wee and is always entertaining.

24. Bringing a woman’s perspective to a very male environment!

25. Quiz time!

26. Planning treats for the gang.

27. Trips to fun places.

28. The confusion of a child you teach when you bump into them away from school. Miss Thornley….at the cinema/gym/shops?

29. Wine with my colleagues after a staff event.

30. Class pride.

31. School pride.

32. Playing UNO against my boys.

33. Working with some very smart people.

34. Concerts and plays.

35. Teaching the boys about the wider world, alongside their parents, and encouraging them to have a heart for helping others.

36. Getting to share my passions and ideas with my pupils – whether it’s an author or a hobby or a trick for multiplication!

37. Having my friends help my kids.

38. Encouraging kindness.

39. Helping my boys discover their dreams and drives.

40. Never having time to be bored.

41. Remembering a little more of my schoolgirl French with each passing year.

42. Maths marking. Oddly soothing.

43. Reflecting on what I do and aiming for improvements.

44. That light-bulb moment!

45. Helping to plan and make decisions.

46. Witnessing the growth spurt all the boys have in their time in the Middle School – from chubby cheeked babies to tall Year 6s!

47. Surprising the cool Year 8s with my film knowledge ;).

48. Class catchphrases.

49. Being needed.

50. Celebrating the achievements of my talented boys!

51. Getting to meet some really interesting people.

52. ERIC (Everyone Reading In the Classroom) time.

53. Thank you notes and cards at the end of the year. The warm glow of helping.

54. The holidays! It would be disingenuous if they didn’t feature at all.

55. Quirks like Thursday morning pain au chocolat!

56. Reading a child’s story and being blown away by their creativity and ideas.

57. Sandwiches for afternoon tea before you start marking.

58. Helping parents with their dreams for their children.

59. Please Mrs Butler.

60. Being ‘Miss Thornley’.

61. C.S. Lewis.

62. Maths bunny.

63. Working with talented and inspirational people.

64. Epic coffees.

65. Always learning more.

66. Unexpected and inventive compliments, often when you least expect it.

67. Platagenets and Angevins.

68. Spreadsheets!

69. Enid Blyton.

70. A budget for stationery!

71. Badger corner.

72. A willing and hungry audience for my wide and varied vocabulary.

73. Setting myself challenges (at the moment it’s learning the cubes of the numbers up to twenty. tricksy!).

74. The variety show.

75. Project time.

76. Always finding time for a silly accent to enliven a November afternoon.

77. Chatting about different cultures and faiths, inviting questions and research.

78. Constantly being surprised.

79. Storytime with my form.

80. Lego!

81. Reading myths and legends together.

82. Chilling out in the pit with our cushions.

83. Golden Time.

84. Expecting a lot from my class, and having a lot of expected from me. And both parties meeting those expectations a fair to goodly amount of the time.

85. Hymn Practice.

86. Teaching about the beauty and universality of maths, and impressing on the boys what a great subject it is.

87. Geekery being part of what we do!

88. Friday snack.

89. Competition being healthy and fun, and making room for everyone to have their shot.

90. Working with some incredibly clever folk.

91. Sports Day.

92. Blogging our days on our class blog.

93. Learning through play.

94. Making up silly sentences for our spelling tests.

95. Getting to celebrate each festival and event as it passes with stories and crafts and fanfare; birthdays and Christmas and jubilees and all.

96. Mufti days.

97. Open Homework.

98. Dancing around the classroom with my boys.

99. Henry II and Thomas Becket.

100. Lunchtime conversations.

101. Getting to feel like I make a difference, however small.

Do you love your job? I hope so! If you’re a teacher, what are your favourite things about it?

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  1. Riot Kitty
    4th March 2012 / 9:16 pm

    Wow, that is quite the list! And you make a *big* difference. Also I love Roald Dahl.

  2. Siobhan
    7th March 2012 / 10:59 am

    I love that you have 101 reasons to love your job.

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