Singalong Saturday, March 17th

It’s late.

It’s been a pretty full old week, but I said I’d blog every day this year.

Sounds like it’s time for a singalong….

1. Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

So Claire, how did you spend your St Patrick’s Night?

Watching Take Me Out with my younger sister, Sian, and Matthew, drinking many many cups of decaffienated tea.

Good heavens, I’m so rock and roll!

To be fair, I did spend six hours today in the company of someone called Paddy who was resplendent in a green Irish rugby shirt, so I definitely gain some St. Patricks Day points that way!

2. Over and Over – Hot Chip

This song makes me want to dance. I would love to go dancing soon. Where’s good to go dancing in London? When I was a student I used to go dancing all the time. Rocking out in the moshpit at Mudd Club, cheesy dance in Amadeus (RIP, Amadeus….), pop wall to wall in the student union bars, old school tunes on visits home when we’d venture to the Mosset. I love the dancefloor, the beat, the feeling of togetherness you get from a cracking crowd on an awesome night. Bring it on.

3. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap must have made a tonne of money off this track! I like it, but it definitely feels a little ‘adverty’ now – it seems to crop up in lots of previews and advertisements.

Speaking of previews, I am SO excited for the Hunger Games to release! I adored the trilogy so much, I really cannot wait to see the movie. If I can get preview tickets I’ll be there front and centre! Katniss FTW – may the odds be ever in your favour!

4. Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz.

A band I really have no opinion on. Rather like Snow Patrol, who were guests on the Jonathan Ross show earlier. I don’t love them or loathe them. They’re just kind of…there.

So the spring term continues apace and is proving to be as exhausting as ever! I’m working hard to get the balance right, but the temptation to overstuff my days is always there. I’m learning to make time for quiet, for naps, for reading, for re-grouping.

5. Spitting Games – Snow Patrol.

Ahahahaha. It’s like Snow Patrol knew I’d just mentioned them.

Anyways, I’ll be able to do some hardcore napping soon, as the Easter break is tantalisingly close. Ten teaching days until three weeks off stretch out before me…. I adore my job and I love my class, but some lie-ins, a break in the sun and some catch ups with lovely folk is *just* what I need! Easter may actually prove to be a little busy, but more on that soon….

6. Local Boy In The Photograph – Stereophonics.

Oh my. Itunes is feeling retro this evening…and I kind of love it. This song was my jam when I was younger. The combination of sadness, regret, ennui, combined with Kelly Jones’s gravelly voice and some guitars creates something magical. “He’ll always be, twenty-three”.

Junior League has been keeping me busy this week, as well as school. They really are a remarkable group of women and I’m so lucky to work with them. I’m constantly inspired by the energy, creativity and sheer fun-ness of the League ladies! Helping people and having a good time is one of my favourite combos!

7. Flux – Bloc Party

My favourite Bloc Party song!

March feels a little like being in flux this year, truth be told. Not a bad thing, just an odd thing. It feels like there are changes afoot, but I also feel like I’m waiting for ducks to line up in a row, other shoes to fall, moments to come, hands to be revealed. The weather is adding to this feeling of ‘what if?’ – one moment sunny and warm, the next grey and drizzly, the next a misty morning heavy with dew. I’m looking forward to spring proper.

8. Teardrop – Massive Attack.

There is always time for this song.

So yes, the lovely Sian is here for a fleeting visit, and it’s so nice to have my baby sister here (granted, my wee sister is now 26, but she’ll always be my baby sister!). It’s the first time any of my family have made it down to London to visit, and it’s lovely to spend a little time together. Fb and phone calls and Skype are okay, but big old hugs are so much better in person! Looking forward to taking her to brunch at Chewies tomorrow before she heads over to Bristol to visit with her in-laws-to-be!

9. A-Punk – Vampire Weekend.

This song always reminds me of Camden. I think it’s because when I first moved to London, this always seemed to be playing as I passed bars full of guys in button up shirts and skinny jeans and fake glasses. Ah, a season.

Oh, while we’re on the family tip, a very happy birthday to my lovely brother Peter, who turned 25 yesterday, which utterly addles my brain! Thank you for being such a super brother and for cracking me up a whole heap. Next time, we eat a birthday cake.

Oh, oh, and a very happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mummy, Kate, one of the most inspirational, strong, dependable and funny women I know. Thank you for always making me feel so supported and loved and for never being too busy for a chinwag. Love you loads. Much love to all the mummies, in fact – you all rock a very tricky job extremely hard! Hope you are all spoiled rotten tomorrow*!

10. The Sidewinder Sleeps – REM

What a nice way to conclude! I do dearly love a singalong – good tunes and plenty of time to chat. Next week, same time? Enjoy the rest of your weekends, lovelies!

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* Yes, I know that technical it’s Mothering Sunday and that it’s only Mother’s Day in certain countries tomorrow. But really, shouldn’t mothers be a little spoiled everyday?

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