And, relax…..

As I type I am sat beneath the lovely cool ceiling fan of our little rented holiday apartment in Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria. Outside the window the balcony is inviting me to sit back down with a chilled beverage and enjoy the sunshine, and after writing this, that’s precisely what I’ll do. From the balcony our view is a sweep of the valley – up towards the mountains, down towards the sea.

(Pictures to follow, of course, but all my connectors and stuff are back in the UK)

The weather here is absolutely glorious – 20-25 degrees each day, dry heat with a lovely sporadic cool breeze. As we’re so much further south here, and closer to the Tropics, the mornings are cool with afternoons and early evenings of high temperatures. Perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or wiling away a little time with a chilled beer or a cafe con leche by the harbour.

Puerto de Mogán is beautiful, and as it’s a little off the beaten track is far quieter than the other resorts such as Playa des Ingles, Maspalomas or Puerto Rico. We’re heading over to Puerto Rico on a couple of days to play mini golf, check out the scene and feast on tapas and Rioja, but for the most part we are happy to stay put in our sunny little town. Having been here before it’s easy to know the whens and wherefores, and the town is so pretty and friendly it’s a thoroughly charming place to be. On our first night here we wandered down to the seaside to have a late supper and went back to a restaurant we’d enjoyed last year. The waiter remembered us (apparently not many English girls who follow Barca make it this far) and it was fun to once again watch a football match and enjoy some delicious food while listening to the Atlantic lapping on the beach beside us.

We are having such a relaxed time here, and that’s precisely what was needed. On top of the usual work demands and social whirl both Matthew and I have been so busy with house plans and preparation its been great to just have a little time together away from it all. We are being very lazy, reading, cooking, playing cards, going for wee bimbles here and there….perfect.

And perfectly timed too….we get the keys to the house Thursday. Get deliveries starting Friday. Have a painting party Saturday. And move in a week after that. Something tells me we’ll need all the energy we can bank to get through this ultra busy stage! That said, it has been a godsend to stay somewhere with wireless this time – checking orders and emails and suchlike has been invaluable.

Right, enough from me. I feel the need to go cook something delicious and retire to the balcony.

How’s everyone?

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  1. Anonymous
    14th April 2012 / 2:58 pm

    Sounds lovely! Can't wait to see photos.Shan

  2. Christielli
    15th April 2012 / 9:20 am

    Glad you're having a lovely time! I am jealous!

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