Project Life Tuesday: Mar 26th – Apr 1st

I can hardly fathom that it’s April already. My goodness! What I am loving is having these posts to look back on – Project Life is such a fun way of documenting the year! Linking up as ever with the beautiful and hyper-talented Jessica.

The Mom Creative

This week spanned one of the busiest workweeks I’ve had in a while, so I didn’t quite manage a photo per day (sorry, Monday!). However, I did take extra photos on other days, so I’m giving myself a pass!

Monday 26th: A day of school and rehearsal – one of those days where I barely felt my feet touch the ground! With the Easter holidays in sight we all had our eyes firmly on the prize, but the boys (and I) were also starting to flag a little! Luckily we all dug deep and had a good day! I then met up with Tybee and Kate, two Junior League friends, for dinner and chat.

Tuesday 27th: Another busy day at school (is there any other kind?), and then Eileen and I went for a girldate – a dessert and a glass of wine. It was lovely to catch up and hear all her news!

Wednesday 28th: The big event of today was probably the Year 5 and 6 drama evening, where at one point I ended up on stage (long story!). However, this note I had to leave for a couple of my students made me giggle so much I just had to include it! Our bursar had done a series of assemblies on Scott’s Antarctic endeavours, and to help the boys experience a fraction of the freezing temperatures, he took each class down into the deep freeze for a quick blast of cold! Two boys were at music, so I had to leave them this note in case they returned while we were gone. How many times can you say you’re in the freezer?

Thursday 29th: a hard-earned lazy evening. Matthew was busy, so I curled up with leftovers, a glass of Peroni, and Grey’s Anatomy. Bliss!

Friday 30th: And just like that, the end of term was here! Two of my little boys gave me this certificate they made for me in the ICT suite. I love how kind and thoughtful my little badgers are! “She’s awfully good”? I may get that on a tee-shirt! A quick morning of school, a nice lunch with colleagues and then home for an afternoon nap. Perfect.

Saturday 31st: Such a fun day! It was our Junior League service day, where we do a big push and fulfil around 300 hours of service. Eileen came along with me and I snapped a picture on the bus. Middle picture is some of the JLL lovelies on the train as we headed home from our volunteering (and playing with cute babies!). Last picture is of sweet Amber – we hadn’t caught up in so long, so we had a good old Skype catch up. I repeat, such a fun day!

Sunday 1st: First lie-in of the holidays! Then I headed down to Old Street, where I met Christa, Bejay, Natalie and Victoria for a mosey down to Columbia Road flower market and some brunch/lunch. A really lovely afternoon, where we hatched plans aplenty. Budapest or bust, indeed! The guy in a fox mask I just liked – you never know what you may see in London!

Looking forward to seeing all the other weeks!

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  1. Relyn
    3rd April 2012 / 9:59 pm

    Have a marvelous holiday!

  2. Claire
    4th April 2012 / 9:44 pm

    Thank you, Relyn!

  3. Jen T
    6th April 2012 / 5:53 pm

    That certificate is so sweet! Enjoy your holiday!

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