Project Life Tuesday: May 21st-27th

Linking up as ever with Jessica for Project Life Tuesday!

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Monday, May 21st:The start of a very busy week at work, and at play.  But even busy weeks are easier when you’re rocking a badger necklace!

Tuesday, May 22nd: Another full day at work, and then the JLL AGM.  Was fun to see so many people and to see the new class of members get ‘activated’!  Too fun.

Wednesday, May 23rd: I really do love my class. I was out on a maths training day and they’d left me a little note detailing a minor grumble (which I set right on Thursday, never fear!), and making sure I knew they had missed me.  Funny boys! (Post-its covering student names)

Thursday, May 24th:The inaugural meeting of our book club!  There are fourteen of us in total, and eight of us made it to the meeting for wine, delicious food and lots of chat.  Super fun, and I’m very much looking forward to the next one.  A little daunted that the next book chosen is Fifty Shades of Grey!  Its sure to spark some discussion!

Friday, May 25th:The Chelsea Flower Show with these lovelies.  Great fun!

Shona enjoying a cupcake at John Lewis.

Mum White and Lou at the bowling party!

Siobhán, the lovely bride to be!

Miss Ems is ready to bowl!

The ever-gorgeous Eileen.  This time next year we’ll all be on her hen night!

Saturday, May 26th: Over the weekend I was lucky enough to have not one but two friends come for a sleepover – the lovely Shona and the lovely Lou!  Such fun to catch up and hear their news.  Shona and I went for lunch and chat, and in the evening Lou and I went to the very fun bowling-and-dinner hen night of the lovely Siobhán!  So much fun to see so many lovely ladies.

Sunday, May 27th: I was feeling a little green from the get-go (tummyache started on Saturday so I didn’t drink, despite the cocktails at the hen night looking awesome), but still loved chatting with Lou and Shona before they had to head off.  Then Emma popped round for tea and cake, before an evening of planning, reading, feeling most unwell, and ladybird invasions….

Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts!

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  1. Siobhan
    29th May 2012 / 8:44 pm

    It looks great! I can vouch for the hen do being super fun! Thank you for coming and being part of it x

  2. Scarlet
    30th May 2012 / 5:04 pm

    Fun photos as always! I love that you have so many members in your book club and that "Fifty…" is your choice. You will DEFINITELY have an interesting discussion next time! :)Enjoy the rest of your week, chica!!

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