The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

I’ve had this song stuck in my head over the last day or two, as London has woken up from its murky grey slumber and launched itself full beam into sunny, beautiful, late spring/early summer.  I’ve even made up some new verses!

The sun has got his hat on,
The sun has got his hat on, 
And he’s coming out to play!

Monday was a grey day,
Lots of marking, lots of books,
Tidying the house up,
Till we’re proud of how it looks.

Tuesday was the food drive,
Collecting things for Streetlytes,
That we passed right on to them.

Wednesday was a maths course,
Lots of lessons, lots of fun,
Plenty of resources to come 
Share with everyone.

Today it is Thursday,
I must write the Maths exam,
And then I’m hosting book group,
So I’ll really have to scram!

Friday will be flowers,
At the Chelsea Flower Show,
Three years as a Londoner,
The first time I will go.

Saturday is busy,
With parties, fun and friends,
And hopefully an hour 
On the sofa I will spend.

Sunday will be sleepy,
Roast chicken and a book,
I hope this song you’ve enjoyed
As at my week we’ve taken a look 🙂

How are you enjoying your late May, lovelies?

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