I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about what’s important.  I’ve been feeling a little like a hamster stuck in a wheel recently, zooming round and round and round…..and never really getting anywhere.

This summer, I’m going to take a good look at my priorities, and I’m going to get my house in order (coincidentally, I am also going to get my actual house in order).

First things first, I’ve got to get my health under control.  I feel utterly trapped in my body just now.  I know how I’ve piled the weight on (generally a combination of working too hard, sleeping too little, eating the wrong stuff at the wrong time, drinking and socialising, struggling to make time for exercise).  I have to change my priorities here, because being this size sucks.  I feel tireder than I have in years, and it’s really getting me down.  I’m hoping over the summer I’ll put some strong habits in place so that when we return to school I’ll hit the ground running.

 Matthew is definitely a priority, as is our lovely home.  I want to make sure I’m supporting and encouraging him, and making our house a haven for both of us.  I need to make sure I’m doing chores little and often, rather than letting things slide and pile up.  It’s tricky to do with work and everything, but I know it’s worthwhile.

My family are a priority.  I want to call and write more often.

My friends are a priority.  I always go to ground a little bit in June (exams, away days, reports), so I’m looking forward to lots of letter writing, email sending, calls and visits over this month.  I am so, so blessed to have friends who love, inspire and entertain me (they are funny, funny folk!), and I want to make sure I have them at the top end of my list of priorities.

Work is a priority, and I want to keep trying, working, developing.  Over the past year I’ve been really pleased with the way I’ve been able to pare down my work week to about 55 hours a week termtime, plus 20 hours pw for half my holidays, and I hope to continue this progress next year.  I also want to concentrate on getting a clear idea on what I’d like to do next in my career.  Head of department?  A deputy headship?  Stay a class teacher and rock it hard? I need to get planning and thinking on this!

Blogging is a priority.  I love writing and I love the feeling that I’m writing and someone out there hears me.  For the girl who once dreamt of being a journalist, this is the ideal hobby.  I want to work on my blog this summer, change the design, try some new things, do some profiles, do a giveaway or two.  I love the interactivity of blogging! 

Writing’s also a priority – I will be updating on the book soon!

Volunteering’s a priority.  I love being in the Junior League and am excited by what we have planned.  I’m hoping to use the freer days of summer to get some chunks of work done, and plenty of volunteering too!

To make time for these priorites, I’m going to try to be better organised, more selective, and more willing to avoid the banal and silly things which sometimes distract me.  I hope I can work on this all through the summer and go back to school feeling happier, confident, and ready to have a great year!

What are your priorities, lovely folk?

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  1. Siobhan
    14th July 2012 / 8:58 am

    My priorities are my husband, my friends and family, my health and my job and my home and my hamster. But within that there is a sliding scale where some take the lead sometimes and others at other times.I'm back to focusing on my health again too now that the wedding is over. I want to feel happy with what my body can do rather than critical of how it looks. I know that exercise and good diet lead to those things, and lead to less time feeling exhausted and ill.

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