Show Us Your Life: Pictures

Linking up with Kelly once again, for another SUYL!  I love having a good-natured nosey around the many homes that link up! This week the theme is ‘show us how you display pictures’, so I went round and snapped lots of pictures of the photographs and pieces of artwork we have on display :-).  I wasn’t sure if ‘pictures’ meant photos or art, so I’ve done both.

As we’re still fairly new to this homeowning lark, we’re still deciding where things should go and what artwork and photos we want to include, and I’m currently saving up for some prints, canvases and decals.  In the meantime, I just love including lots of photos of the people we love in the home that we love.

 Pictures of my siblings on the landing shelf.  I must get a nice pic of Nick and Elly to put here too!

 Pictures on the table in our bay window downstairs.  Plus the super-cute ‘Home’ easel that Ems made for us!

 Our cityscape canvas in the sitting room.

 Pictures atop the shelves.

 Picture of us in the dining room (aka the kitty lair!).  This was our first New Years together!

 Photos of friends on the fridge.

 The Winnie the Pooh print on our bedroom door.

 Bedside table photo.

 If Matthew wanted to add to the artwork, it’s in touches like this!  The boy loves his History Channel shows 🙂

 A framed print in Matthew’s study.

 Lots of pictures and art in my study.  I think later this summer I might manage to get some of it up on the walls! 

 Pictures and art next to my computer.

So looking forward to seeing how everyone else displays pictures – I just know I’ll pick up a tonne of inspiration!

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  1. SheAteAWholePie
    27th July 2012 / 7:23 am

    Eee! A mention! I'm blushing! We'll get you a photo, no problem! 🙂

    • Claire
      31st July 2012 / 9:41 am


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