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I have tried to lose weight so many times.




I’ve done it stupidly and slowly, fast and slow, for good reasons and bad.  I’ve exercised too much, eaten too little, binged, purged, and generally made a gigantic mess of things.  Many times.

This summer, however, I’ve tried something a little different.

Rather than facing the daily weigh in, the moment of truth, my first goal this summer was to stop the weight piling on.  To look at my habits of eating, exercise, sleeping.  To tweak things gradually to see what I could do to make better choices. Choices that’ll stick.

It’s been revelatory and has *really* taught me a lot about myself.

I’ve worked out (and managed not to get obsessional about it!), slept more, and looked long and hard about what I eat and why I eat it.  Junk food and processed foods are on the outs, whereas good, healthy nosh is in.  And occasional naughties have been looked at too – a scoop of good ice cream, a slice of homemade cake, or a decent quality Belgian beer (Kwak!) is the way forward.

And now I move to a new phase.  The examination and thinking of the summer managed to not just stop weight gain, or even just maintain, but have led to a healthy and happy 10 pound drop.  A good start.

For a start it is.  I want to lose at least 50 pounds, in reality more like 70, to move me forever out of the ‘obese’ band.  I look forward to rocking ‘overweight’ – I’m perfectly happy to be the chubby girl (I had broad hips and shoulders, big boobs and a stocky Scots stature – waiflike is never going to happen!), but I refuse to be unhealthy, unhappy and unfit any more.

I’m going to post on this theme here from time to time, because I think being accountable is important.  I hope I have more good news to share before long.

Have a great day!

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  1. Siobhan
    9th September 2012 / 3:42 pm

    I hope you have more good news too. I'll stay around being your personal cheerleader if you need me. Go Claire! Go Claire! Go! Go! Go Claire! xx

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