Missive 2 from Leela Nymeria

Greetings, humans.

Claire is busy sleeping right now (clever girl!), so I have seized the opportunity to fill you in on my further adventures here.

Myself and the other cats continue to do well here in our abode.  The humans have been very busy with work but we have trained them well in feeding times, appropriate amount of cuddles, correct calls.  It will serve.

They have recently installed a contraption which allows us access to the outside.  This is novel and allows us ample opportunity for fun and shenanigans.  We are all becoming most adept at going outside on our own, and mother is very good at letting herself back in.  Fry and I, however, prefer miaowing until the humans let us in.  This is the way it should be.

In short, all is well. 

But now I must go destroy a mouse toy before the humans arise in an hour or two.  Must keep ones end up, you know.

All best,
Leela Nymeria R.

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  1. Riot Kitty
    19th October 2012 / 3:24 am

    Leela N.R.: Meowing until the humans do SOMETHING is always the best course of action. Myself, I prefer jumping up on the stereo, then the bookcase, then the dresser, then messing with the pictures on the walls, and howling until they get out of bed. But that is how we do things in Bulgaria.Best, Vasil P. McNut

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