Poppet Post

‘Ello Hoomans!

Ow do?

It is I. Poppet cat.  I thoughted that as how Fry and Leels ad both ritten recently, I thoughted I would rite a note too.  I is a cleverhead like that!

The ouse is very quiet today.  Maffoo has gone back to werk and so as Clur, and Enry is reading a book down in the sitting room (I thinks.  We is not allowed in there anymore because Maffoo was gettin sads because we love to claw the soft floor in the home Jim.  It just feels so good!), so I have sneaked up to Clur’s room for to use the pooter.  It has been win to av the hoomans around so much during the aff term break, but is also nice to be properly in charge agin!

We are now all very good at gettin in and out of the house, using our kitty door.  I is best at it ov course!  I likes to go splorin and vistin the neighbours, but come back lots to give my hoomans a miaow or a purr or a kiss – is portant to make sure they knows where I am!

I have also done a littul bit of unting!  I broughted Clur and Maffoo a nice juicy mouse the other day and lefted it on my bed for them to find.  It seemed to disappear while I was out for a wander – maybees they did nom it?

Well, Leels and I have plans to go miaow at Clur for chicken treats as soon as she’s ome, so I’d better close.  More soon, I am sures – my typing is gettin better and better (is hard with paws, is tru fact!). 

Bye, hoomans!

Poppet ‘No Middle Name Necessary’ R.

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  1. Riot Kitty
    29th October 2012 / 5:17 pm

    Poppet, where did you find the mouse? We're indoor cats, see, and our pickings are limited. Although I regularly hunt my catnip-filled mice…nom…- Vasil P. McNut

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