My first blog meetup….

….by Claire, aged almost 32.*

I have been blogging for quite some time now.  Seven years next month, to be precise.  This blog has seen me through several seasons – from NQT to experienced teacher; from steadfast singleton to coupled up happiness; from renting a flat so small I slept on a couch bed (for four years, people.  I am nothing if not dedicated) to co-owning my own house; from no pets to two goldfish and three cats.  It’s been quite the journey and I have loved at least 99% of the experience.

This year, my blog has grown a little bit, and it’s always nice to get the chance to review something, or when someone wants to sponsor a post or page.  While my blog is primarily my record of my life and loves and the shiny things which distract me, it’s also nice to make connections, for people to read your stuff, and to open up fresh conversations.

In this spirit, I attended my first ever blogging meet up this week, on Wednesday.  Now, I’ve met blogger(s) before, whether it’s been dinner with Michelle, fork based silliness with Christy and Alex, or touring Niagara with Ashley.   I’ve also got a fair few friends in real life here in London who blog.  But Wednesday was the first time I’ve gone to a specially arranged blogging meetup where you’re meant to connect and discuss blogging.

And I have to say, it was really good fun.  It was an event held at The Social Partners, in Chancery Lane, which looks like such a cool place to work.  I am eagerly awaiting my invite for a Thursday night social – that foosball table has my name on it!  There were a real range of bloggers in attendance – seasoned pros, complete beginners, and a wide range of topics being covered.  A lot of them were more marketed and targeted than I am, but it felt to be representing the lifestyle/writing from the heart corner.

There were some great speakers, talking about a range of topics around the central premise: Blog or tweet?  The conclusions were that a combination of both is probably the way forward, and I’m inclined to agree.  There are some things that are perfect for a tweet or a tumblr post (I do enjoy tumblr, teenager that I am at heart!), but other things which need the more careful consideration and room for exposition of a longform blog post.

All in all, it was nice to get out and meet some other London bloggers, and I’m now following a dozen more people on twitter.  They’ve shaken up my newstream!  I’ve also learned many things, including the fact that I may need business cards.  Shall I get some which say Mathlete/Badass MC?  

Big thanks to all of the organisers and speakers for such a fun and interesting meeting.

As it was Halloween, I did attend wearing a tiara.  Any excuse.

Decent crowd, all ready for some lively debate!

*Sidenote: I do not feel grown up enough to be 32.  Does anyone ever feel as grown up as their calendar age purports them to be?

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