5 hours….

…until the end of this term.

As this posts I’ll be stood (or if I’m especially lucky, sat) on my last commute across town of the year, no doubt wedged between someone’s elbow and another person’s armpit, watching the stations come and go as I journey from glorious East London to glorious North West London…

It’s been a lovely term, and the boys have got on so well.  It’s been really full-on, as teaching in any school can be, but there have been plenty of sunny moments too and I am very much enjoying my classes.  However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that I am bone tired and oh-so-ready for some free time in which to recharge!

The house needs cleaning, the cats need fussing, Christmas cards need writing and sending, and I need to rest up in quite a major way.  It’s time.  I am full of so much sympathy for colleagues in teaching who are working all the way up to the 21st (you go, ladies and gents!), because I am oh so grateful to be finished soon.

Bring it on, my friends.  Bring it on.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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