Fry Returns

Well hello there, all.

It has been a jolly long time since I invaded Mama Claire’s blog, so I thought it was high time for a Fry post.

It has been tricky to get online recently as Claire has been off work and so you never really know when she might pop up in her study.  I mean, the nerve!

All is well here, and the katzen as a whole very much enjoyed our first Christmas with Claire and Matthew.  It has been wonderful getting so many fusses and so much attention, as well as lots of wrapping paper to fight with and TURKEY to eat.  Have you tried turkey?  It really is most exceptional!

And now it is New Year’s Eve – I do so hope you all have a fun evening of love, laughter and/or napping on the cards.  Poppet, Leela and I have a busy schedule of napping and firework avoiding (nasty, noisy things!  The people of Leyton seem rather taken with them – there were even some at Christmas!  I ask you, since when did Christmas become a season for fireworks?), and a saucer of kitteh milk to toast the new year.

So I wish you all the happiest of Hogmanay’s, dear friends.  May your 2013 be full of happiness, fun, love and just enough silliness to keep things interesting.

Your very good health,

Fry Zanzibar R.

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