I Love Your Blog: Emily Wanders

I’ve been reading Emily’s wonderful blog for quite some time.  She’s a beautiful person, inside and out, and blogs about life, faith and motherhood in such an open and precious way.  A fellow teacher, I often find myself nodding along to her posts, or moved by the beauty of her honesty. 

  1. How long have you been blogging?  My very first blog was created back in
    2006. It was pure junk. Terrible pictures and lots of random stuff. I
    deleted that mess and started blogging again in February 2008. I
    recently started over from scratch with EmilyWanders.com.
  2. What do you blog about?  Do
    you have a specific goal with your blog (i.e. reviewing products, using
    it as a ministry, promoting a business), or is it more a record of your
    life?  My blogging has always been simply a means of documenting life.
    It began as a way to share life with friends and family who lived far
    away, but it has also become an outlet for me to write and process. 
  3. What
    is your favourite thing about blogging?  Most definitely the people I
    have become friends with through blogging. I have met some amazing
    people, who have become some of my very best friends. 
  4. What is your least favourite
    thing about blogging?  I guess it would be the fact that it is a hobby
    that is never complete. It’s not a project that you can finish and be
    done. Sometimes I have to give myself breaks and just step away for
  5. Do
    you have any favourite posts on your blog – pieces you’re really proud
    of, which document something special, or which seemed to strike a chord
    with your readers? Most recently I wrote a post called In October, that was hard to write, but I love it. Also, my series about my 30 by 30 List has been really fun! 
  6. Whose blogs do you love?  I’m always looking for recommendations: There are SO many fabulous blogs out there. My sweet friend Abby blogs at Dear Abby Leigh and I just adore her writing. And I love what A Deeper Story has done this year with the expansion! 
  7. Do
    you enjoy interacting with your readers?  Absolutely! Like I mentioned
    before, meeting such great people is one of my favorite things about
    blogging. Sometimes my response time is slow (Oh hi, it took me three
    months to respond to these questions. Oops.) But I do love it.
  8. I
    love the pictures you have on your blog – do you have a favourite
    camera, or a favourite editing program? Thank you! I love taking
    pictures. I use either a Canon t2i or my iPhone4S.  I do a lot of my
    editing really quickly in Picasa or PicMonkey, but I do sometimes use
    Photoshop Elements.
  9. What
    hopes and dreams do you have for ‘Emily Wanders’ going forward?  I hope
    blogging at Emily Wanders encourages me to continue writing
    consistently and is a place where I can document my life, but also
    encourage other people to love THEIR lives, too, you know?
  10. What
    tips do you have for bloggers growing and nurturing their blogs?  I
    think, besides creating good content, the best way to grow a blog is by
    becoming part of a community of bloggers. Make friends, comment on other
    blogs, share OTHER people’s work.  And take advantage of social media
    like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

PS In a change from the usual, it was my turn to be interviewed last week about blogging, over at the London Bloggers Meetup blog.  I so enjoy these monthly meetups as a new way to meet interesting, fun bloggers – the events are supported by NuffnangX  UK and a few other sponsors and are always interesting!  The post, and my goofy answers, can be found here.


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    10th December 2012 / 2:26 am

    Hey! I went to comment on the your interview and there was some kind of error :(Nicely done!

  2. Riot Kitty
    10th December 2012 / 2:26 am

    PS I meant the interview was nicely done…that wasn't a snide remark about the web error.

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