Guest Post: Fun New Tech and Apps

This year I thought it would be fun to include some guest posts from my multitalented friends…whether it’s fashion, tech, cooking, books, music….there’s bound to be something fun and interesting they have to share!  First up with a guest post is Jean-Luc, who has lots to say about some new tech and apps on the scene.  Enjoy!



With a new year brings
new resolutions, new discoveries and new ideas. In the spirit of such a period,
we thought why not look at some new apps, new websites and new blogs with which
to enjoy all that 2013 will have to offer?!

In going over the
literally hundreds of new offerings available to the keen-eyed user we tried to
stick to three core principles in selecting what we thought would be the most
interesting, informative and useful of everything available. Of course, there are
many different principles at play when looking at new services and offerings,
but it would be impossible to mention them all so we narrowed it down to the
three we thought most important, namely: Originality, practicality and
mobility. As if afraid of being accused of an inability to relax and have fun,
we followed up these noble ambitions with a fun one and included an app that we
think you’ll find satisfies the pointless but fun requirement we all need!


How is this for
originality?! Imagine being able to collect the photos you take on your
smartphone and collate them in an unlimited manner of ways into one creatively
cool collage. Well that’s exactly what Fuzel, the latest offering from the
coolly named Not A Basement Studio, does for you! Take a look at this example:

Each segment of this
collation was a separate photo added, angled and filtered so as to create
exactly the look, shape and feel that the user wants. In addition, you can add
pieces of text in a variety of different styles so as to personalise your
collage even more. Once you’ve created your pictorial Picasso, you can print it
out as a postcard and send it off to your loved ones! Pretty cool app, with a
pretty cool theme!


Launching this year is
the remarkable and exciting UK based project called Publicate. Publicate allows
its users to collect, organise and share everything from articles, images, and video
to documents and audio. Serve your passions and interests, inspire your projects
or simply read and appreciate. If you’re looking to establish your position as
a ‘go to’ resource in your area without the time to spend on creating content,
Publicate offers a platform for you to share and share alike all the content
you wish. With a nifty browser extension that allows you to collect and
publish, literally, at the click of a button, the visual interface offered by
Publicate makes organising, filing and saving fun, easy and intuitive.

Whether you are a
student, a schoolteacher, a researcher or an entrepreneur Publicate will be
useful to you. Plus, apparently it’s a brand spanking new platform so you can be
some of the first to test it out!


You’ve got too much
time to sit around and do nothing, but you’ve got too little time to launch
yourself into something too time-consuming. We’ve all been caught in that
moment. Some people like to day-dream, some people like to take out a compact
and check their hair or mascara, others like to read a page or two of the
paper. Well, if you’re a blog reader (and with the quality of blogs out there,
you should be) NuffnangX is what you should be using. It takes the posts from
any blog you tell it to and summarises the article, distilled with a picture
into a sentence or phrase which most accurately reflects what the post is
about. It’s a nifty little app that comes with a list of recommended blogs,
from countries all around the world and spanning over twenty different
categories from fashion to photography. It also makes leaving comments from
your smartphone as easy as sending a text or a tweet, so that bloggers and the
readers can discuss the hot post of the day literally from anywhere! Plus, it’s
completely free… 😉

And now for the fun

Yes, you’ve read about
the original, the practical and the mobile so now it’s time for the fun!


Find great burgers in
and around London, using your iPhone. Burgerac tears through the streets of
London tracking down the finest burgers around with a team of dedicated
burger-loving experts. Once they’ve found a burger that matches their (very,
very high) burgeresque standards they publish their findings and burger lovers
rejoice in the knowledge that there’s a new treat in town. They’re also in New
York, so if you’re hopping across the pond anytime soon, you’ll be able to eat
like a local!

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