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Matthew and I are currently being a little bit ‘nesty’ at home. We’ve been in our current place a little under a year (crazy to think – feels like much much longer!) and the start of the fresher weather and lighter mornings and evenings is making everything feel a little more springlike! We are currently working on our back guest bedroom and have other plans afoot too….it’s a fun time to pin some ideas 🙂 I think in April I’ll take pictures of all the rooms and let those of you who haven’t visited see how the house is coming on!

Do you have any big springcleaning or DIY plans?

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

According to Martha, these colours are the best for houses and work nicest together as colurways.  I was quite amused to see several of my favourites here!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Love this idea – attach favourite old shirts to a canvas for instant decor.  I think this will be happening over summer with some of mine and Matthew’s favourite oldies!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Matthew and I just fell in love with Brugge when we visited last year (for serious, it even made our Christmas card!), so I’ll be putting this in a room soon, methinks.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I’ve been puzzling over how to make the home gym feel a little more cosy, and thought these shelves might do the trick.  Similarly, I wondered if these might work in the kitty lair/dining room.

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

A year round camp in an attic room?  Oh Matthew……..

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  1. Riot Kitty
    1st March 2013 / 4:54 am

    I am always spring cleaning, and it seems like there's always more to give away. I love the Brugge pic!

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