Project Life Tuesday: Finally getting on!

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It’s been a fair old while since I last linked up with Jessica, and the reason is simple.  This year I made the leap from the digital PL format to the actual, real life scrapbooks.  It’s such fun but the discipline of taking time to do things little and often, save little whatsits, take plenty of pictures and send them off for printing has taken a wee while to get the hang of!  It’s a lot more work than the digital version, but I love seeing it come together in a real, concrete way!

I’m really enjoying it and can already see what a treasure this album will be to look back on.  Matthew is being very tolerant of my happy dances when I get a few pages done.  January is coming on nicely and February’s in process.  Here’s a peek at the first four pages….

Pictures from a blog meet, a postcard, a dog on the tube moment, and Leela-paws helping me budget!

More pictures from the blog meet, including a shot of the very pretty Rose!  Fry in his laundry basket, a few notes on events, and a thank you note from a project I sponsored on Kickstarter (love that site!).

Letters and texts, oh mys – finally, a place to keep my post to look back on!  I’m loving the range of what can be included in the folder and have lots of plans as the year progresses!

A few more bits and bobs – can’t wait to do a little more next week!


  1. Kelly
    26th February 2013 / 1:06 pm

    I love this and saw another blogger doing it as well. Where did you get your folder from? I am thinking of starting one too

  2. Siobhan
    3rd March 2013 / 5:50 pm

    It looks really great Claire – I think the potential of the hard copy to share a more of a variety of memories is just great.

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