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Linking up with Kelly for ‘Show Us Your Life’.

Now, full disclosure – when I first set out to do this I had every intention of snapping each item on my phone, adding cute asides, you name it….but this week has just been crazy busy, so instead you have me typing away, giving you a glimpse of a typical Claire day, ha!  I love the idea of doing more detailed ‘day in the life’ posts though, and might do a week later in the year with a little more flair and some pictures.  I’m looking forward to seeing other peoples’ schedules 🙂

Without further ado, here’s how my Tuesday unfolded:

05.45: Alarm sounds.  How can it be morning already?

06:00: Finally up after a couple of false starts.  Get changed, brush teeth and wash face, pack bag.

06.25: Pop downstairs to the kitty room to see Poppet, Leela and Fry!

06.30: Out the door, walk to Leyton, hop onto the Central Line to Stratford.

06:45: At Stratford for my morning coffee – large skinny mocha, and some fruit for breakfast.

06:55: Onto the Jubilee Line round to Swiss Cottage.  It’s a fairly long journey, but as I join at the start of the line I always get a seat, so it’s a chance to read and think.  I’m currently reading The Twelve Tribes of Hattie – it’s good but a little disjointed and jumpy.

07:30: Arrive at SC and walk to school.

07:35: Into classroom – switch on computer, heater, radio.  Print off music timetable, check resources, stow bag. Head over to the senior department.

07:45: English meeting – lots to discuss as ever!

07:57: Yay! Enough time to grab a coffee!

08:00: Back to the form room for start of day – journaling pages, sketching, chatting with boys and parents, register.

08:25: Downstairs, ready for assembly.

08:30:  Assembly with the Middle School.

08:50:  Double English with 4T.  We’re writing creative pieces for a school competition, and the boys are pretty excited!  Usually Tuesdays are more hands on and busy for English, but this morning it’s all quiet and concentration in the form room!

10:00: Morning break – a fifteen minute study group with a couple of boys who are finding time difficult, a quick meeting with a colleague, a speedy coffee.

10:35: Double English with 5W.  We;re doing the same task as Year 4, so peace and quiet reigns in the classroom 🙂

11:45: A quiz session with 4T, spellings and mental maths.  We’re a well-oiled machine by this point in the year – two tests adminstered, marked, and graded in a half hour!

12:20:  Lunchtime!  I usually do duty on a Tuesday, but have swapped with a colleague.  So I have time to have a lovely big lunch – salad, soup *and* pudding and a chat with friends in the dining room.

12:45: Listening to a couple of readers.

12:55: More English time with 4T – speaking and listening today. We have great talks on Arsenal and paragliding!

13:30: Boys off to Games, tidying the classroom, sorting resources.

14:00: Tuesday afternoon is golden for admin – I whirl around filing, marking, grading, preparing, photocopying, and replying to tonnes of emails!

15:30:  Meeting with two of my class parents.

15:45: Boys head back to tell me all about their rugby match and say farewell.

16:00: Young Readers club – this is my activity for the term and is such fun – really lovely group of boys!  We are making author posters for World Book Day, and cracking up watching the occasional silly video.

17:00:  Dismiss boys, ctach up with some of the mummies, head up to classroom to set up for tomorrow’s classes.

17:30:  Head for a quick drink with Margot and Richard, my Year 4 compadres.

18:00: Jump on the tube down to Green Park.

18:30:  Junior League time!  It’s our general meeting, which is great fun – the first big meet since Christmas so there’s always plenty of chatter as well as the business of the day!  Love my Junior League girls!

21:00: On the tube (again!) to head home.

21:50:  Home at last!  Say hello to Matthew and hear all about his day.  He’s such a gem – he’s been busy building furniture this evening!

22:10:  Lovely hot shower.

22:30: Say hello to our sweet katzen.

22:40:  Curl up to watch the second part of the Oscars which I recorded Sunday, with a turkey sandwich and some cordial (late dinner!).  Thank heavens for the fat forward button – Seth Macfarlane was such a dull host.  Good to relax for a wee while though.

23:40:  Wash up, pour water, cuddle cats, brush teeth.

23:50:  YAY!  Time for bed.  Night, all!

As typical as a Tuesday gets – no two days are the same around here!


  1. Stacy @ The Next-to-Nothing House
    1st March 2013 / 11:48 pm

    Just popped over from Kelly's Korner and so glad that I did! I really enjoyed reading your day in the life and will be back to read more.

    • Claire
      3rd March 2013 / 6:47 pm

      Lovely to meet you, Stacy! Your blog is so cute!

  2. Riot Kitty
    2nd March 2013 / 6:54 am

    Wow. When do you sleep?

    • Claire
      3rd March 2013 / 6:48 pm

      Vive le weekend, baby 🙂 I top up sleep whenever possible and am a very crafty napper when needs be!

  3. Christielli
    2nd March 2013 / 1:44 pm

    Love that you have your morning coffee in/at St. Ratford. 🙂

    • Claire
      3rd March 2013 / 6:51 pm

      Always makes me smile and think of you 🙂

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