End of the holiday….

….and what a holiday it has been.

We’ve been to Cornwall with my family, away to Gran Canaria, done all sorts of stuff around the house (and celebrated living here for a whole year!), and got engaged.  Pretty productive for three and a half weeks!

Easter break has long been my favourite break from school.  I adore Christmas, of course, but it’s a busy old time and coming right after the longest term means it can be a little tiring and hectic.  Summer is grand, but as it’s so long I often end up scheduling a lot of work/study/planning/writing for then, which is lovely and an utter blessing, but makes it feel a little less holiday-ish.  Plus at summer you’re bracing yourself for September and new classes, and the challenges and joys they will bring!  Easter is perfect.  Three weeks, spring, lots of other folk taking breaks and a great time to relax ahead of the madness of the summer term.

The boys are back to school on Wednesday, which means that tomorrow and Tuesday are prep days.  I was really pleased to get a text last week saying we’re having one day of training (Tuesday) as that means I can pop in for a few hours tomorrow to tidy up my form room, collect my planner, send a few emails, pop a new display or two up, etc..  I love hitting the ground running!

The summer term is always fun at our school, and busy too – exams, activities, events – and there’s always that bittersweet moment when people move on.  The Year 8s that leave in July will be the first Year 8 to leave at this school that I have actually taught (some of them were in my Year 5 English and Year 6 History classes) and I think I’ll probably get a little weepy when they leave.  I love the family atmosphere at our school and am always sorry to see the boys leave….but so proud of them for all they achieve and the super schools they go on to.  Teaching’s a real privelege.

Lots of fun things socially as well – coffees and lunches and brunches and dinners and drinks, oh my!  There are some bigger things too…Matthew and I are having engagement drinks next month which will be lovely – I am so excited to celebrate our news with some of our favourite people!  Then at the end of May it’s Eileen’s hen do, and her and Rory’s wedding at the start of June (so looking forward to bridesmaiding it up!).  Then later in June it’s Dan and Brigitte’s wedding, here in London.  And before we know it July will be here, and with it Matthew’s 30th, the kits one-year anniversary of coming home, and the end of term.  What fun!

I am thoroughly enjoying wedding planning so far – for a girl and a boy who love spreadsheets and information and planning as much as Matthew and I do, it’s a tonne of fun (and yes, I know there will be times I won’t be saying that!).  I will mention the wedding here and there on the blog, but have also set up a separate wedding blog to contain the glee-filled crazy.  If that’s your bag, the wedding blog is here. It should also come in handy when we start putting plans into stone!

Right, I must close – a girly lunch and some prep for the week call my name.  I’ll close with a few pictures from a very happy holiday.  Happy Sunday, all!

This owl still cracks me up!

I think owls are starting to rival badgers as an obsession!

The view from our balcony in Mogán – little did I know that about 48 hours later I’d be getting engaged right here!

Musical bingo – such fun!

Loved time with the family in Cornwall.  Daniels is such a funny little dog!

Duck chat 🙂

Bright and beautiful colours in the Canaries.

Ha!  This present from my brother still cracks me up! I loathe 50 Shades and all it represents, so this was a genius gag gift!

Adventuring Matthew!

Awesome wallpaper at The Breakfast Club for Kaz’s birthday brunch!


I love the blue of the Atlantic in this shot.  Beautiful!

Where’s the wine?

Love that this is my view on the train home.

Happy sigh – love this view, love this place.


  1. Riot Kitty
    22nd April 2013 / 6:09 am

    Congrats again! Wish I was there to go celebrate with you!

  2. Christielli
    23rd April 2013 / 1:53 am

    Glad that you had such a great holiday. Wish I could also join you for engagement drinks. 🙂

  3. Siobhan
    30th April 2013 / 12:52 pm

    So glad you had such a great time!

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