Oh-so-many Owls

One of the highlights of our family holiday to Cornwall last week has to be our visit to the Screech Owl Sanctuary.  My sister is a wildlife nut and we are all quite country and outdoorsy, so when it came to choosing a day out this was a clear favourite.  If you’re in the Wadebridge/Padstow/Newquay area for a family holiday, I’d heartily recommend it!

There are loads of owls (as well as alpacas, meerkats and goats), and you can see the owls doing flights and also stroke them and meet them in person at the ‘close encounters’ sessions.  They are such beautiful creatures!

This snowy owl was so sweet – he is just a wee one (not yet a year old!) so he had all kinds of fluffy feathers going on.

Some of the African and Eurasian owls were magnificent.

Love this owl’s face. Whatchu doing?

Digger, the burrowing owl, was hilarious.  The lady in charge of the close encounters session was quite open about the fact that part of the imprinting process with owls is that not only will the owls imprint on humans as parents and friends, they will also choose the humans they like more or less.  And Digger was not the biggest fan of the lady handler – he kept giving her dirty looks, which was hilarious!  He’s a little owl with a big character.

Some of the owls have been featured in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.  I haven’t seen it (but am aware of it, both because my sister loves it and because it’s the movie that’s played on a loop when Liz Lemon gets stuck on Carol’s plane in 30 Rock).  I’ll definitely be looking out for it now though – I want to see which owls I recognise!

Sian making friends.

Such a beautiful Barn Owl.

Bob was one of the flying owls and he was so quirky and clever!  All of the handlers were wonderful and clearly knew all their owls well and were so involved and interested in their lives.

A quick snap of the Eagle Owl session.

A fun day out – despite the unseasonably cold weather it was a very jolly day out!  I’d also highly recommend the cream tea at the cafe.  Clotted cream, jam and scones….always a winner.


  1. Betty
    9th April 2013 / 5:39 pm

    Those are beautiful owls. Now I want to see that movie too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Riot Kitty
    9th April 2013 / 7:41 pm

    Such beautiful creatures. I am amazed that they let people get so close.

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