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I love a good day in the life post – all my days are so different so there’s always something silly or unusual to add!  I last did one in March, and here’s my latest, because the prompt for ‘Blog Every Day In May’ is A Day In The Life.  I must say it’s exceedingly helpful that these prompts keep falling in the school term – my holiday days are rarely as busy, ha!

Wednesday, 1st May.

5.45am:  Alarm sounds.  Alarm is ignored.  Pillows are hidden under.  Duvet forms a cocoon.

5.50am: As 5.45am.

5.55am: As 5.50 am.

6.00am:  Now conscious and ready the face the day, I get up to do the usual morning ablutions, drink my water, listen to Radio 2, etc.  I select my outfit for the day, black trousers, navy tank and a navy and white knitted blazer.  I argue with some knee-highs and get ready to head downstairs.

6.30am:  I say goodbye to Matthew who is tucked up cosily in bed.  The worlds of finance and teaching have different timings, ha!  He’s off for a fun tour with a friend for a few days – I’ll miss him!

6.40am:  Downstairs, shoes on, kitties greeted (Matthew feeds them and fish breakfast when he comes downstairs, but I always have to check in and give them a quick fuss!), the coat debate happens, and I’m out the door.

 6.50-ish am: Arrive at the station and jump on the Central Line.

6.55am: Change at Stratford, popping into Caffe Nero for a good strong coffee for the road.  Mmmm, coffee.  Onto the Jubilee line to read Grazia (guilty pleasure), ponder the day ahead, read through my planner and daydream.

7.30am:  Arrive at Swiss Cottage and realise I haven’t had breakfast, so I pick up a pain au raisin from the farmers’ market.  The Wednesday market at Swiss Cottage is brill – so much yumminess!

7.35am:  Arrive at school, demolished pastry, make a coffee, log on, reply to a few parent emails, check my resources and do a few stretches to get in the zone.

8.00am: Boys arrive!  Lots of chat and silliness.  They are very  excited about my recent engagement, so much of our chat centres on fun things to do at a wedding.  If you’re an eight-year-old boy you are going to love our reception!

8.15am:  Hand out daily pages, check prep diaries & reading records, do the rundown for our day.

8.25am:  Downstairs to the hall.

8.30am:  Rather fun assembly on May Day by my colleague Emer.  My boys especially enjoyed the Morris Dancing video and the dancing cows gif!

8.50am: Class reader session with my form.  We are reading Boy by Roald Dahl, which is *such* a rich text for prompting discussion!  Love the chats that we have around this!

9.25am: Class reader with my lovely Year 5 gang.  We’re reading Charlotte’s Web.  I’ve warned the boys I *will* blub when we get to the sad parts!

10.00am:  Breaktime.  Target maths with a couple of my boys, coffee, emails, resourcing.

10.35am: Maths with 4T – mathematical vocabulary.  They will learn the meaning of product, even if I drive myself doolally having them do so!

11.10am: Non-contact time means making worksheets and a powerpoint – we’re starting a topic on Islam and the Five Pillars on Friday.

11.45am: History with my Year 6s.  They are such a sweet group!  We are wrapping up on Richard I and the Crusades as well as checking over History files ahead of the exams next month.  Fun session.

12.20pm:  I have a few errands to run so I pop out to the Finchley Road.  At the bank I chat with my favourite cashier – she’s always interested to hear news of the boys.  Then I go to buy cakes for marking club at the bakers and some steak and eggs from the farmers’ market.  Then back to school for more emails and admin.

12.55pm:  Lunchtime!  I go for the classic jacket potato and beans with a soupcon of cheese.  Old school goodness, right there!

1.30pm:  Marking club.  My lovely colleagues Anthony and Jo have the same free on a Wednesday afternoon this academic year so we all get together to mark.  It’s actually great for getting the marking done – we chat a little but mainly get our heads down.  I get SO much maths marking done – brill!

2.40pm: More maths, finishing up our work on mathematical vocabulary.  We’ve built up some great resources and I’ll be making a display of their work tomorrow.

3.15pm:  English, which was meant to be grammar….but which fast dissolved into poetry and stories.  Sunny afternoons deserve them and the grammar will happily get done in class first thing tomorrow.

3.50pm:  Shakey-handy duty.  I love this duty – I have to dismiss the 108 boys in the Middle School and shake them all by the hand.  Love the chance to say goodbye to them all, catch up with parents etc..

4.10pm:  Marking, tidying, planning, general wrapping up!

5.00pm:  My work days end at all kinds of times (this week?  Monday 6pm, Tuesday 5.45pm, Wednesday 5pm, Thursday 6.30pm, Friday 5pm) – as we’re fairly early in the term these are fairly early.  Average workweek is 50-60 hours, but at key points (reports, exams, start of year) the spikes upwards are epic!  Today I’m wrapping up nicely because on a very sunny first of May the outdoors is calling!

5.15pm:  Drinks with Emer, Richard and Abbie.  Even though we’ve been back to school a week I’ve barely seen them so it’s great to hear all their news.  Unsurprisingly there’s lots of wedding chat!

7.15pm:  After a couple of drinks (lager shandy for I am a lightweight!) and a lovely chat, it’s off to the tube.

8.15pm:  Home again.  Big cuddles and lots of noms for the kitty-cats.  They are such lovely social wee things, I try to make sure even when I’m busy they get lots of attention!

8.45pm:  A late supper of some scrambled eggs on toast and a catch up on New Girl and The Mindy Project. Thank heavens for Sky+!

9.30pm:  Marking – I brought home the boys’ maths prep to mark and review.  Luckily maths is what I find easiest to get done, so after an hour I’m finished.

10.30pm:  Check work email and school email, check a few blogs, do a little research on King John, call Matthew to check he’s arrived safely. 

11.15pm: Quick pinterest and fb check while I brush my teeth and hair and get ready for bed.

11.30pm:  Into bed….asleep by 11.40pm….ready for another fun day!

Looking forward to reading about all the other days!


  1. lonestarsky
    3rd May 2013 / 3:08 pm

    Really enjoyed reading this! Your job and location are so different to mine, so it was very interesting to read 🙂 xx

    • Claire
      4th May 2013 / 7:45 am

      Thank you – I always love reading about what other folk get up to. Life's rich tapestry 🙂

  2. Riot Kitty
    4th May 2013 / 7:34 am


    • Claire
      4th May 2013 / 7:45 am

      Ain't that the truth! 🙂

  3. Siobhan
    4th May 2013 / 7:59 am

    You really do pack a lot in!

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