Blog Every Day In May: Favourite Social Network

And so we continue with Rosalilium’s ‘Blog Every Day In May’ challenge.  I am so enjoying having these prompts to cogitate upon and am thoroughly enjoying the range of bloggers I am getting to encounter and enjoy through it.  Such fun.

Today we are talking about favourite social networks.  I use all of the big five (facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, youtube) but in very different ways, so it’s quite tricky to choose a favourite one.  They each fulfill such separate functions for me.  So instead of playing favourites, here’s what I like about each one….

Facebook is great for just staying abreast of what everyone is up to!  Babies, engagements, uni projects, parties – all the big announcements tend to crop up here!  I can find it really tedious and invasive at times (I actually disconnected entirely for a few months in 2011) but ultimately, as a communication tool, it’s hard to beat.

Instagram, I very much enjoy, and it has been so useful in reminding me to take pictures, whether it’s to print them out, use them on my blog or add to my Project Life binder.  I love that is encourages me to look for the little, quiet shots too.  Many of my friends are incredibly talented photographers, but instagram allows normals like me to play a little too!

Pinterest is my addiction – even more so now there’s a wedding to plan!  I can happily while away an hour pinning recipes, home ideas, quotes and pretties.  It’s also very useful for finding resources for the classes I teach.

Twitter I love for humour, news and views.  It’s often one of my go-to sites now when news breaks.  I like being able to ‘follow’ writers and bloggers I know and getting a picture of their process – a real insight.

Youtube is so amusing.  Whether it’s music videos, bloopers, or the latest viral video, I’m bound to visit a few times a week.  I’m not really active on the posting and commenting front apart from the occasional vlog, but I love watching entertaining videos.

So that’s my take on the social networking thing.  I’m aware I haven’t spoken much about G+, but that’s because I’m still feeling my way over there.  It has much to recommend it, but I think it’ll take me a week or so (probably over summer break!) to truly get the hang of it!  You can find me on any of the networks mentioned by using those little buttons up at top left – always happy to have a few more lovelies along for the ride!


  1. City Girl At Heart
    9th May 2013 / 11:38 am

    Nice overview on all the main social media networks I agree Instagram is great for people who love taking photos but aren't particularly good at it..includes me too!!

  2. slapsnap
    9th May 2013 / 12:11 pm

    Good summary! Im like you with facebook, great for keeping up with major events…but it does my head in sometimes with the game requests and everyone sharings every 'funny' pic they find. That works on twitter but on fb if you scroll though and just find pic after pic and nothing actually about your friends it bugs me.

  3. Christielli
    9th May 2013 / 11:51 pm

    People use G+? I didn't know!

  4. Riot Kitty
    10th May 2013 / 3:47 am

    Wow. How do you have time for all of that with your already busy schedule? This is why you only get 5 hrs of sleep a night? 🙂

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