Blog Every Day In May: Five Favourite Blogs

Today on ‘BEDM’, the prompt is ‘Five Favourite Blogs’.  I adore reading blogs, so this is hard.  After a long day at work I like nothing more than plonking myself down to read a few favourites!  Therefore, picking five favourites is a ticky undertaking.  I’ve decided not to mention Rosalilium in this top five, as even though she’s a must read for me, as she’s running the blog prompt season, it would seem a missed opportunity to not introduce another great blog (we all love Elizabeth if we’re doing this challenge, right?).

I’m also not going to list the blogs of my awesome London friends – a. because there’s more than five of them; b. because I’m going to be cheeky and shout them out here!  I was never going to boil this post down to just 5! Do please check out the awesome blogs of Vixie (Matin Lapin – kitsch fabulosity, crafts and prettiness), Siobhán (Siobhán-Claude van Damme – music, London, fashion), Eileen (Little Miss {Adjective} – food and fun), Rory (Obviously Not A Golfer – film and comment), Emily (Under A Glass Sky – lifestyle, home and craftiness) and Adam (Unfamiliar Ceiling – photography, culture and allsorts)!

My five picks would be:

Christielli (music, culture, awesomeness).  I’ve been reading Christy’s blog for *ages* and we are now firm friends – she is truly one of the coolest girls on the planet.  Her blog is refreshing, funny and intelligent, and never fails to makes me smile and/or think.  She is also an utter gem.

Kelly’s Korner (children, faith and home).  Kelly’s is another blog I’ve been reading for a long, long time.  She is a generous and lovely woman, and her faith and her passion for motherhood just leaps off the page.  Kelly curates the ‘Show Us Your Life’ link ups which I enjoy from time to time – such a fun way to share ideas for shopping, home and cooking (and I love watching the ‘Show Us Your Singles’ posts – Kelly is quite the matchmaker!).  She is also such a great writer – honest, fair and funny.  I’ve been reading her blog since just before her eldest daughter, Harper, was born and I love to catch up with their adventures!

Lisa-Jo Baker, aka The Gypsy Mama (faith, family and motherhood).  Lisa-Jo is a gifted writer and a soul of true beauty.  I first came across her blog through another wonderful blog written by the beautiful Sara, and have been reading since then.  Lisa-Jo writes about the reality and wonder of motherhood, raising children, and being true to yourself and also hosts the marvellous ‘Five Minute Fridays’ which I’ve been doing for ages.

Riot Kitty (humour, life and politics).  Michelle writes from the hip and often has me howling with laughter – she’s got the best stories.  She is witty, kind and generous in her writing and includes many, many awesome Lolcats (always a great thing in my book!).

Number 5…’s impossible to choose!  Other great family blogs would be Nic (Dig This Chick – photography, family and green issues) and Lane and Jamie (The Garners – kids, motherhood and celebrations); Ily writes amazingly on culture and art (xo); Jessica is great for deals, crafts and Project Life (The Mom Creative); and Sarah inspires me daily to plan new and fun things for our home (Thrifty Decor Chick)!

Pretty much, if someone’s on the blog list, I love their work!  I do hope you’ll check out a few of my faves and look forward to finding some new ‘must reads’ this weekend.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Christielli
    5th May 2013 / 1:20 am

    Love your blog too! Thanks for including me in your five. You're on of my faves too naturally.I'm hoping that this challenge will bring me more blogs to read too. 😀

  2. Riot Kitty
    5th May 2013 / 2:05 am

    Cheers and thank you! Love yours too, as you probably know. And you summed up my blog better than I could 😉

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