Blog Every Day In May: Go Green

Today on Elizabeth’s ‘Blog Every Day in May’ project, we’re writing about green issues and the environment. 

I am by no means a saint when it comes to green matters, but Matthew and I do do various things around the house to improve the environment – we recycle, we’re working on wasting less food, we’re always looking for ways to cuts down on waste, to re-use things (I’m currently collecting lots of jam jars for wedding decor, for example), to make things last longer (haha, my attempts at learning to sew are comedy gold!).

Next on our list of things to pursue is our garden – at the moment it’s a tad barren – flagstones, empty beds and a kitty house and table.  Next month, however, the wonky fence of doom is being fixed and at the same time we are having our beds cleared and filled with fresh soil.  Then we are looking forward to planting lots of pretty, low maintenance shrubs and plants.  It will hopefully make the garden look nicer, give the kitties a new playspace and improve the air quality a little too.

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