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Where as Clur’s wine gon?

Oh helloes hoomans!

How be you?  It is I, Poppet Cat!  I thoughted that as Clur is doin marking and Maffoo is out I would sneak (liyke a clevur katzen!) into the studi and write you all a littl letter!

Here in the yeast Lundun, all is well.  It is quite nise and sunny at the moments, so me and the itzen katzen are liking to play in the garden and sunbaff and chase around.  Fry does love the sun!  He does like to lie out on the top of the kitteh house and sun himself!  He is gettin a bit of a tan – on his belleh the black fur is goin reddy brown.  He finks he is a handsome chap, is true fact!

Leela is still a silly paws.  She has gotten almost as tall as Fry and me now but is still skinny malinky!  She loves to gallop and play and escape up to the bed whenever possible.  She luvs weekend mornin snuggles with Maffoo!

I am getting mor and mor bootiful and clevur and lov to miaow at Clur and Maffoo and tell them all about my day.  I also like to scratch the door of the kitteh room if they come home and do not report immedihatly for snuggles.  I need a steady diet of cuddles to stay healthy-bobs!

We gotted maneh snuggles while Maffoo and Clue were away last munth too, because Aunty Vixie, Aunty Kaz and Aunty Hannah dids look after us.  They are so win!  They are all very pretty and Fry enjoyed havin lovely ladies to try is tricks on!  I liked the cuddles and fusses.  Leels was not so sure to begin with but she did warm up.  She is a shy gurl!

So that’s life ere!  I fink I can here Clur downstairs getting ready to do some work in the study, so I will close four now.  I ope you are all well, Poppet fans!

Yours sinserley,
Poppet ‘No middle names, ta!’ R.

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  1. Riot Kitty
    2nd May 2013 / 4:33 am

    There is something to be said for middle names, Miss Poppet.- Vasil P. McNutIgnore him.- Mandrake

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