Show Us Your Life: Favourite Apps

This week over at Kelly’s, we are linking up to chat about our favourite apps.

Now, as I sat down to write this I suddenly thought….what if it’s favourite apps as in food rather than apps on your phone?  I am sat here, all set to write about the latter, so I hope that’s the plan.  If not, let’s just embrace the confusion, eh?

I love my smartphone – I always seem to be flitting around and having the capability to log on pretty much anywhere is just brilliant.  I’m not someone who’s permanently attached to my phone by any means (it spends an awful lot of its life in a bag while I’m teaching or socialising or upstairs on my dresser, and is rarely off silent mode), but I love how useful it can be!  Below are some of my favourite apps:

Tunein Radio is fabulous.  You can be anywhere with wifi or 3G and can connect to internet radio from anywhere in the world!  I can check in with the news at home on Moray Firth Radio, listen along to worship from the same churches my friends attend in Sydney and Texas, and indulge my penchant for country with the best music from Nashville.

I adore Instagram as a way to share snaps.  I often forget to take photos (I’m often so busy chatting/visiting/being silly that I forget to take my camera or phone out!), but instagram is great for catching a fun moment – drinks with the girls, cute moments from the cats, and the little fragments of beauty in each day.

Monopoly is genius, and helps me while away a lot of my long commutes.  Most of the time I tuck into Vanity Fair, Tatler, or a good book on the tube, but after an especially long day there’s nothing quite like zoning out and playing a game of Monopoly.  I love the stations!  I also have Trivial Pursuit, which Matthew and I love to play on long train journeys together.

The Pinterest app is really well designed and the perfect treat for this bride-to-be.  When work is super busy, a five minute coffee break at 4 and a little pinning is the perfect brain break ahead of meetings and marking!

Sleep Cycle has changed my life (ha, that might be a little over the top, but it has made some changes) – I’m much more aware of bedtimes, behaviours that impact sleep, and the need to put down the book/ switch off the computer and go to bed!  Also brilliant is the sparkpeople app, which is great for when you’re counting calories, trying to get healthy, trimming down, or all three.

Shopping apps like Asda and M & S are great for busier seasons – I can take the overground home and in the space of the journey I can order our groceries for the week and buy a new shirt or cardigan for work.  Sometimes, the future rules!

Two apps I like on my phone to use in class are TimeReading and Too Noisy.  TimeReading is for K-4th grade reading and has a range of short levelled texts which children can read on your phone. The app then lets you know their reading speed, and records their progress.  I use this alongside my other levellings and notes.  Too Noisy is hilarious – it’s an app that has adjustable sensitivity for measuring noise.  I often have it on my desk during class time – the boys love getting a smiley face, not a grumpy one!  An especial treat is if I let a boy have a shot at being ‘noise monitor’ with it – the power of technology.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s suggestions!


  1. Jennifer
    9th August 2013 / 7:27 pm

    Came from Kelly's Korner and am so glad I did! Love your blog design and some of these app suggestions too! I've got to try them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Riot Kitty
    10th August 2013 / 3:23 am

    Ha, would you believe I only have one app on my phone? Movies!(Where have you been? My blog is missing you!)

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