Five Minute Friday: Together

Five Minute Friday

Taking a moment (or rather, five minutes) to embrace the click of keys, the words on the page, the unique soothingness of writing (if soothingness is even a word).  Linking up with the fierce and lovely Lisa-Jo.

This week, the prompt word is together.


It’s a powerful word, together.

It conjures up a million little memories, the moments that make up a life, the people that populate the tapestry of each one of our personal histories.  It makes me think of silly moments, deep moments, precious moments.

Together is watching two dear friends marry one another – something I’m always reminded of as three sweet friends celebrate anniversaries at this point in the year.

Together is hanging out with my siblings, pjs and board games, or building the Lego we still won’t let our parents get rid of.  There may be no grandbabies yet, but we are still not too grown up for Lego building.  The only difference between now and twenty years ago?  We can sip wine as we build.

Together is my classroom, stories and injokes and adventures with the gang.  My boys and I are a team, and helping them in some small way, a little step in their journey, doing things together, is a pleasure and a privelege.  We learn so much from one another.

Together is weekend mornings with Matthew and the katzen, chatting and cuddles and tea and daydreams and wedding chat and kitty snuggles.  Time to spend together, away from the busy demands of the every day.

Together is brunch, or lunch, or coffee, or dinner, or drinks, with my lovely friends.  Sharing stories, venting about worries, making sense of the journey.  Together.

Together is going home, whether to Matthew’s family or my own, getting swept up in the bearhugs of our families, different as they are.  What a pleasure to do life together.

Together is a dancefloor, a concert hall, a theatre.

Together is a wish, a hope, a treasure.

Together is better.



  1. jviola79
    25th October 2013 / 12:54 pm

    You summed this up beautifully – together is a treasure! So glad I visited you back 🙂

  2. Riot Kitty
    30th October 2013 / 3:44 am

    That is sweet! I aspire to be fierce and lovely.

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