Looking forward

Here, life is slow and steady as I recover from surgery.  There’s a lot of ibuprofen, a lot of tea, and lots of chickflicks.  Sky Anytime is my homeboy.  As someone who usually gallops around at a pretty hectic pace, it’s a definite change, but I’m hoping this more sedate way of getting around will prove the ticket to getting me back to full health.  The swelling and pain seem to be improving day on day, so I hope that at my post-op check up I’ll be pronounced fit enough to go to work.  At the moment stairs are still a bit of a struggle (no good for my classroom which is up a double flight), as is standing for more than a few minutes, but I am hopeful that in a few days I can start going for little walks and building up my stamina.  It’s completely odd to be so frail, but it is teaching me patience in a whole new way!  It’s also teaching me that naps are absolutely vital.  Ditto kitty cuddles.

My friends and family and Matthew and work have been so kind throughout – every day brings texts, emails, cards, visits and gifts.  I am truly a blessed and lucky girl and I so appreciate everyone taking time to reach out.  I’m not the best at asking for help, but my people get that and have been marvellous at just jumping in and doing things.  Thank you so much, lovely folk – whether it’s a phone call, a note, a text or a visit I so appreciate you taking time out of your busy, busy lives to think of me.

Also keeping me going is looking forward to things – little things, big things, middle sized things.  I have so much to be grateful for, and so many things to be excited about.  Here are just a few!

1. I am excited for visits from friends over the next few days – Shona, Eileen, Kaz, Vixie, Jo, and hopefully others.  Now I’m able to sit up a little more and stay awake longer, it will be so great to hear about life outside the house!

2. I am excited to go to Glasgow in a couple of week’s time for the second annual ball of our friend Ritchie’s charity, Cahonas.  It’s such a great cause and we are so proud of all his work.

3.  Speaking of charity, I am so excited for Holiday Hampers once again!  It’s my third year working towards this and my second on the commitee – I just love the chance to give back and make the holidays a little brighter for people in need!  If you’d like to learn a little more about this endeavour or if you’d like to support it, please visit our giving site here.  I’m so proud to be a tiny cog in this huge endeavour!

4.  I am so excited for Christmas.  Those who know me well will know that I adore Christmas and usually start getting excited at about September 25th, but this season has been full of distractions so I’m just now starting to hit my stride (less than seven weeks to go!).  I have a lot of gifts put aside, I am looking forward to doing some sorting and planning once I’m feeling stronger.  I am so excited to visit with family and friends and toast my favourite time of year.

5. Last but by no means least, I am excited for our wedding.  For the longest time it felt like an age away, and now we’re almost at the nine month mark (still a long time, for sure, but I’m aware that time will fly!).  I’m so excited for the chance to get married and celebrate with so many of our friends and loved ones, and we are having such fun planning (we are both born planners, so the realm of spreadsheets and timetables and lists is very much up our street!).  I am so excited to marry my favourite person on earth, and to be his wife.  Sappy, but true.

Well, now it’s time for more meds and a cup of tea, and then a nap in front of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I told you the pace was crazy!  To close, here are a few pics from my ‘lately’:

Getting ready to go into surgery.  I was so scared (wussy, but true).  I am so grateful to the medical team – thanks to them it all went smoothly and I feel so much better with the lump known as Geffen gone!

After surgery I was SO out of it.  Because I’d been ill for five out of the six days preceding the op, only really rallying in the 24 hours beforehand, I was already pretty beat down before the operation, so the surgery on top of that?  Left me pretty spaced out!  It took me a few days to start sleeping more normally, but now I’m sleeping like it’s my job!
A biscuit ‘first aid kit’ from school.

Aren’t they sweet?

My colleague Margot sent this beautiful bouquet – it’s so pretty and green.

The world’s biggest fruit basket – so much deliciousness.  My vitamin requirements are fulfilled!

This sweet boy cat is keeping a very close eye on me!

For a post junkie, my friends are keeping me well supplied.

More sweetness (thank you, Siobhán!).

Flower boxes are the biggest treat for kits!

My brain is still a little wobbly – so glossy magazines are ideal for my attention span!

I hope all is going well with you all!  Apologies if there are typos or glitches in this post – it’s taken a wee bit of time, but it’s nice to have spent a little time ‘doing’ something.  Getting better every day!


  1. Simon Varwell
    7th November 2013 / 2:56 pm

    Glad it's all doing well and you're clearly keeping your spirits up! Get well soon.

  2. libbywilko
    7th November 2013 / 8:13 pm

    Glad to hear you are being gentle with yourself and are improving although it might feel slow I'm sure you will be back to normal soon. Hugs.

  3. Riot Kitty
    8th November 2013 / 6:34 am

    Glad you are on the mend – big hugs (and soon, Snoopy) from across the ocean!

  4. Siobhan
    15th November 2013 / 11:56 am

    Still sending love your way xx

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