Our Christmas

Here in London, we’re heading towards Christmas at pace.  In the whirl of parties, volunteering, shopping, wrapping, queueing and visiting, there’s always plenty to do….so much so that I must confess to be looking forward to a few days of calm in the Christmas week proper.  Matthew and I are doing Christmas in London once again, as is our wont, and I’m so looking forward to enjoying all the little traditions we follow.  This will be our fifth Christmas together (and the first and only we’ll share as an engaged couple!), so by now we have our own little things which we do.

On Christmas Eve Matthew will go to work for the mnorning while I do any last minute jobs and errands.  I’ll also, for the second year, grab brunch with Kaz – always a treat!  Then at lunchtime we’ll pop to the pub with Matthew’s colleagues for a couple of drinks before heading off to catch a movie.  This year’s choice?  Is Anchorman 2.  We are big fans of the first movie, so here’s hoping the sequel doesn’t disappoint.  I love lamp.  After that we’ll come home for steak and champagne, and then probably curl up in front of the IT Crowd special before settling in for a long winter’s nap.

Christmas Day is chilled as can be – bacon rolls and stockings, then phone calls home to the parents and the siblings.  I hope we can Skype with the niecelet at some point too, it’s her first Christmas!  So exciting!  The the rest of the day is a pile of good food, wine, relaxing, cats, gifts, TV and reading.  Gorgeous.

Boxing Day we’ll probably go for a bit of a walk, just to clear the cobwebs.  Then Matthew will settle down to lots of football and darts, which I’ll half-watch while dipping in and out of a book or too.  Boxing Day super is always fairly light compared to the meat fest of the days proceeding – roasted vegetables with tagliatelle and chilli pesto this year.

I really do love our little Christmas.  Small but perfectly formed.  How do you celebrate?  I love hearing about the traditions and plans others have for this, my favourite time of year!


  1. Riot Kitty
    23rd December 2013 / 7:37 am

    Usually we go see a movie! That's our own tradition.

    • Claire
      23rd December 2013 / 8:58 pm

      It's such fun! What's your choice this year?

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