The Quiet of Advent

Adventide is such a busy time of year.

But between school and friends and family and volunteering and the rush of December, I always treasure the moments of peace I have.  Time to read, to listen (I *love* Classic FM at this time of year), to think, to pray, to ponder.  As mad as the Christmas rush can be, it’s lovely to take a moment in this Advent season to sit and wait and think, to remember the waiting for the gift, the pause before the triumph.  Like Lent before Easter, I find Advent one of the gentler, quieter Christian seasons, but I love it all the more because of the moments of calm.  The chance to remember those dear to us & those who need our remembrance is a precious gift indeed, and I’m always glad to plan opportunitites to pray and ponder.

As well as these moments of stillness, there is an awful lot of busy-ness right now.  I loathe the myth of busy, where we are all go-go-go, all the time…but in December I think we actually are pretty busy.  With so many lovely things to enjoy, however, it’s hard to be churlish, ha!  This week has been full to the brim with good things – on Monday Matthew took me out for steak and cocktails to celebrate my birthday; Tuesday was the carol service at school (ah, the charm of little boy voices piping through the familiar melodies in a big, beautiful church!), cake and laughter with my class on my birthday proper and drinks with friends in town;  Wednesday was the last day of school, a funfilled lunch and lots of socialising with colleagues before a pleasant evening at home with Matthew; yesterday was volunteering in west London and Junior League drinks in the evening.

And today?  Well, today has been incredibly lazy – writing cards, wrapping gifts, watching TV, fussing cats….just what the doctor ordered!  And now we’re getting ready for all the fun ahead – visitors and gift giving and baking and time with the families and getting the house in order and fun and games.  Such a treat to celebrate this time together.  More on everything soon, no doubt.  In the meantime, I hope your December is going well so far.  Blessings and love to all.

A few photos from our month so far….


  1. Miss Ash
    15th December 2013 / 3:43 am

    I know you love Christmas so much and I do hope you're enjoying yourself and your holidays!

  2. Riot Kitty
    23rd December 2013 / 7:39 am

    Did you *make* that cake?! I am so impressed. Seriously. Love the Santa Badger card especially!

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